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MacBook I’m in Love

The moment I was waiting for finally arrived.  Last night I got my MacBook and it was love at first sight.  I opened the box and squealed with excitement at its shiny newness.  I literally screamed and threw my arms up in the air as if I won a prize.  Some girls get excited over rings, buying a house, or having a bridal shower, but I get excited over new technology.  This is a new thing for me, and next week comes the iPhone.  Hands up!  My new love for Apple reminds me of the commercial where the girls scream over the walk-in closet and the guys scream at the walk-in beer fridge.  I love that commercial.  I’d be over the moon with a giant California closet too…but that’s another story.  Here’s me and my boy Mac. JD



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Oh Tom

“You have to be passionate, you have to be engaged, and you have to be contributing to the world.” ~ Tom Ford

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Little Black Work Dress

I would like to make this post short and sweet and my time to take pics yesterday was short and sweet.  I ran from work to dinner in Cabbagetown for a farewell dinner for my friend Ashleigh.  She is moving to Vancouver – GIANT SAD FACE INSERTED HERE.  Anyway, I am wearing my little black work dress by MICHAEL Michael Kors.  It is the new basic in my wardrobe and I know I will wear it more than I should – it is just too comfortable.   My dress is accompanied by a Forever 21 necklace, joe Fresh patent belt, H&M tights and shoes from Aldo. CM


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Earth Hour

Did anyone do anything interesting during Earth Hour?  I went to a friend’s house for sushi and snacks by candle light.  It was pretty romantic.  Last year I lit a candle for 5 minutes just for a blog post (here), but this year I stuck it out for the full hour.  I liked it.  People should try to do things by candle light more often.  It’s just better.  JD

The lovely KK and Bon Ton

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5 Hour Brunch at Lakeview

Hello blog friends, we miss you.  This weekend we went to a pre-Juno party at The Spoke Club and had so much fun that the next day we were only capable of going for brunch.  It was one of those great brunch days that make you realize how much you love living in a bustling, vibrant city.  We sat by the window and got an amazing dose of vitamin D to the point where we were sweating and had to remove our boots and some clothes.  We were there for 5 hours.  We practically moved in.  Some of the things we consumed were the turbo breakfast, French toast, apricot beer, mimosas, lots of water, and a vanilla banana peanut butter milkshake. Delicioso.
Here are some shots from the party and brunch:



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Denim On Denim…

Is a Canadian Tuxedo!  The myth is true – Canadians do wear denim tops paired with jeans.  Well… some of them.  A male coworker of mine did it last Friday and he looked amazing.  Later that night, my friends and I headed to The Comrad in Leslieville where our server was wearing her Canadian Tuxedo.  We had a fantastic talk about the look and why we love it.  Who knew that such fashion statements could make such great conversation with strangers?

I wore my denim outfit with (what I think is the best colour to pair denim) a camel coat.   This jacket is the oldest piece I am wearing. It was purchased nine years ago from a Mendocino Boxing Day sale for $100. I was excited when camel made a comeback last fall and I was able to take it out from the back of my closet.


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Faux Vintage

This vintage looking sweater isn’t vintage – it’s actually from Forever 21 but gets mistaken for a handmade sweater quite often.  My wool skirt is from Costa Blanca ($10), but don’t go looking for it – I bought it in grade 10.  True story.  How it’s lasted this long, I have no idea.  My belt is an 80s classic from my mom, and leather boots are by Cole Haan. JD


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