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Levi’s Bootcut Skinny

A few weeks ago I told you about Levi’s new Bootcut Skinny jeans.  I was asked to style 3 outfits wearing the new bootcut and it was a little tricky.  I’m so used to tapered legs and just that tiny bit of extra material threw me off.  But I realized they’re perfect for the weekend and running around in flats.  I threw on my lace top from Vero Moda, leather jacket from H&M, brogue shoes, vintage bag, and necklaces from VV Boutique.  Simple. Easy. Comfortable.
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The Giving Top

I must say I’m glad I bought this lace top by Vero Moda because it’s becoming an anchor piece with a lot of outfits this season. I’ve worn it here, here, and here.  That’s a lot of heres.

I paired it with my nude high-waist skirt from H&M, black tights, and leather boots by Cole Haan.

ps – It’s way too cold for this! brrrrrrrr.
pps – Send me off to a coconut island.

This is one of my “I’m so cold” dance moves. Theme song: Cold as Ice by Foreigner.


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Leather and Lace

I forgot about this skirt, and found it while organizing my closet a few days ago.  The last time I wore it was here with my coral sweater. It’s my Mad Men inspired lady look, and it often gets mistaken for a dress. I bought it for $22 at Vintage Mix 1 on Ossington. One of my favourite vintage shops!  My top is by Vero Moda from The Bay, and leather boots are by Cole Haan. I’m kinda cold just looking at these pics…now back to hibernation. JD

And for all you Steve Nicks fans, here is one of my favourite songs – Leather and Lace.


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Yoga Jeans by Second Denim

Do you own a pair of Yoga jeans by Second Denim?  I didn’t until I visited Shopgirls Gallery Boutique and now I’m in love.  They are 100% Canadian made and the denim has 92% shape memory, while the industry standard is 64%.  They contour your body like second skin and hold their shape throughout the day….similar to a comfortable yoga pant.

Please note:  it does not mean you can wear them to yoga class – please do not.

Before getting my pair, I was told that I’d never want to go back to regular jeans, and that is precisely right.  You get the same look as a jean, but the feel of a yoga pant – PURE GENIUS!!!

Mine are the high rise skinny leg, but they come in a variety of rinses, shapes, and rises.  If you’re looking for a new pair of jeans, I’d definitely check these out.  They retail for $110 – a good investment if you ask me.

I’m also wearing:
* Lace top by Vero Moda from The Bay ($20)
* Belt from Zara ($10)
* Lace-up booties from H&M ($69)


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Lace Top Tight Pants

I popped by The Bay on Queen last week and found this lace top by Vero Moda on sale for $20. Score!  I love Vero Moda – they always have nice stuff.  I bought an amazing dress as well that I’ll show you soon.

My pants and belt are from Zara ($59), and  I’m happy to tell you that Zara on Bloor is finally open after 5 months of renovations.  That was a long wait.  They changed the floors, shelving, and light fixtures.  That’s it! I thought they were building another floor at that rate.

My lace-up booties are from Spring shoes, and cashmere scarf is by Arnold Brant.  Hope you are bundled up today, it’s getting so cold!  It’s going to be difficult to take outfit photos outside soon.  Not sure what we’re gonna do!  JD



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