Combat Boots At Last

I’m a list maker.  I make lists on absolutely everything like movies to see, music to download, and my personal fave – “Julie’s wish list” – which mainly includes certain items of clothing, boots, and big-ticket items like a new computer, an amazing camera, and a Smythe blazer.  I find it’s a good way to target my real wants and not overspend on random things.  It’s sort of a ranking or priority list that helps me weed out things I don’t need.  It works, so I’ll continue shopping this way.

Combat boots have been on my wish list since Jan. 2010 when I talked about them here.  I tried finding a vintage pair but had no luck, and I also kept my eye out for sales at Capezio and Urban Outfitters.  I can’t wear them to work, so I didn’t want to spend a lot.  They went on sale for $77 at Urban Outfitters, so I finally bought them.  They’re a bit too crisp looking right now, but after some weekend wear, they’ll be better.  What’s at the top of your wish list? JD

Rest of outfit:
* Leather vest from Bungalow West (Kensington Market) $20
* Nude top from H&M $34
* Denim shirt from Zara $40
* Liquid leggings from American Apparel $44
* Floral purse from the Thrift store in Port Colborne $2



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7 responses to “Combat Boots At Last

  1. Jenn

    They look good JD!

  2. Shelley

    What camera are you using? love these shots.

  3. Saved, I enjoy your site! :)

  4. Shannon

    I’m SUCH a list-maker and do the exact same thing! Such a great way to shop…and help save!

  5. Suzanne

    I too wanted combat boots…but the REAL kind : boots that were used by the troops. Because they usually are made for comfort because that is all they wear…for months on end. I found a pair of wet weather ones at a Value Village and only paid $12.99! They are real leather and Gore Tex lined for warmth and the most comfortable things my feet have ever worn. They were made by H.H. Brown Shoe Co (Canada) Ltd for military use and sell online for $80 and up for used ones. Now the boots you are showing are ‘lacer boots’ and not a combat boot per se. I think they are more of a ranch-work type of work boot. But the important thing is comfort with style, is it not? I hope that yours are as comfy as mine.

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