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Cougar Pillow Boots

So my interpretation of the Cougar boot look is less Urban Mexican and more Lazy Ontario Cottager. However, that would lead to you questioning the paved pathway and doubt my northern location. It is true…the jig it up! I am sitting in a park in Forest Hill. Also, I would never be wearing jeans at a cottage – just leggings and sweat pants for me!

Anyway, it was love at first sight for me and my cougar boots when I pushed back the buffalo plaid tissue paper (nice touch!) and pulled them from their box.  To see more from Cougar, or to pick up a pair of your own pillow boot, click here.

Hat – Groorin
Jacket – Aritzia
Shirt – Forever 21
Jeans – H&M



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Yellow Fever

Since taking my hair up a couple notches of blonde (gasp! this isn’t my natural hair colour) my go to colour this summer has been yellow.  I want yellow everything – dresses, shoes, bags, headbands – the whole kit and caboodle.  This shift dress was found recently at Jacob for $40.  Styled with a black belt, beaded necklace and headband for a Mod look.  However, the best accessory is the black Vespa.  Just wish it was mine… CM

Dress – Jacob $40

Belt – Vintage

Shoes – Aldo $49

Sunglasses – Tory Burch, Ilori $67

Bag – Cole Haan

Necklace – Forever 21 $6


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New Nautical

So two great things about this outfit.  1) This onesie was lifted from the racks of a Toronto Value Village .  2) Having a  friend (ours is Courtney Draycott) who has an eye to spot such exciting pieces.  I ran around town in this nautical number last Wednesday night, starting at “Terraza di Peroni” held at Malaparte – the roof top at the TIFF Bell Lightbox.  It was my fist time in the building and heading up to the 6th floor patio on a hot summer night allowed for a great introduction.  Peroni was flowing and guess what – the golden beer matched my gold buttons.  Score!  CM


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Woven White

There is nothing more comforting to me then a crisp white shirt. Perhaps it is because I wore one with my uniform over the majority of my adolescent life it is almost second nature for me to get out of bed and put one on.  Or maybe it is because the feel of woven cotton on my skin is so clean and fresh, I end up wearing such shirts to bed.  The classic white button up shirt is the also the one article of clothing that I can clearly envision such iconic images and characters such as Brigette Bardot, Carrie Bradshaw, Marilyn Monroe and not to mention our favorite sociopath, Patrick Bateman.  Christine


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Born In The 80’s

I can’t help it.  My attraction to black, red and white.  I really can’t help it.  When I picture these colours all I can think of is 80’s movie fashion.  The kind with massive shoulder pads, teased bangs and well…black, white and red colour combinations.  I can’t resist it – it is my comfort zone.  I think it is because I was born in the 80’s.  Maybe it is in my astrological blood.  Or would that be numerical?  I have no clue…

I decided to mix up the colours with prints.  A striped knit dress from Zara and a cotton houndstooth scarf from Simon’s was my comfort zone.  I got a lot of compliments from the ladies in the office on my red Hue tights.  I forgot how much fun coloured tights can be and I plan to rock more of them for the next few months.  (Summer please come!)   As for the rest of my outfit: headband from H&M, sunglasses by Ray-Ban, coat from Club Monaco (also seen here) and shoes from Zara.


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After The Storm

There was much anticipation for the MASSIVE, DEBILITATING, CITY-STOPPING snow storm that hit southern Ontario yesterday.  Julie and I rated this “storm” a 4 and our comments were left to, “meh”.  Never trust the weather man/woman.  To say the least, I was prepared in my Canada Goose Expedition parka, Cougar waterproof snow boots, cashmere toque and Ray-Ban wayfarers.

There are a number of people (stuck up Fashionistas) who love to hate on the Canada Goose parka which is understandable, as they now dominate the Toronto outerwear market with 1 out of 5 (SDP observation) people wearing them who pass by.  It is easy to reject or vocally denounce the mainstream but, the point of the matter is that when it comes to Canada Goose, they are the warmest, most functional jackets you can buy.  Canada Goose may not be run-way fashion but rather really, really warm – more of a forcefield to the sub zero temperatures that Canadian winters bring.  Also, when you look at the inside tag it will read, ‘Made in Canada’.  How many items in your wardrobe will read that nowadays?  Canada Goose is an international success – and I love my Canada Goose parka.


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Heart Shaped Tights

I’ve been waiting to wear these heart printed Betsey Johnson tights for some time now. They have been paired with possibly my best thrifted find of 2010 – a $12 Topshop dress from VV Boutique, a Club Monaco leather jacket, sequined (SEQUINS!) beanie from Zara and shoes from Aldo.  Oh, and I can’t forget about my lipstick, it is Tom Ford’s Cherry Lush.


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