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Power Ball: Thirteeth Floor

After the Conair beauty lounge, we made our way to Power Ball 13 – one of the city’s largest charity events in support of The Power Plant art gallery.  The annual gala raises vital funds for exhibitions and public programs.
The venue was packed with interesting people, contemporary art exhibits, DJs, and porchetta on a spit.  It was a gorgeous night so we spent most of it mingling on the outdoor patio.  Oh warm summer nights on a patio, please stay with us for a while.

Outfit details for JD:
BCBG one-shoulder dress $124
Top Shop heels $100 (from LAB Consignment)
Nine West clutch (gifted)

Outfit details for CM:
BCBG one-shoulder dress $180
Cole Haan wedges $90
H&M clutch $12

The chignon was a fun hair-do, except it was so big it stuck to the velcro tent wall, and hit the roof of the cab while getting in.

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Grey Matters

I was in a wedding party last Saturday and I have to say that my bridesmaid dress was pretty good.  It’s tough to find a dress that multiple girls agree on/look good in, and there’s always drama surrounding the whole process, but this one was elegant and not too controversial.  We had them made by a dressmaker named Sue from Hamilton, Ontario.
I enjoyed the mid-grey colour because of its simplicity, and the bride picked out beautiful jewel tone bouquets that complimented it very well.  We all wore sparkly cuffs that I found at Aldo Accessories.  They were regular $50 but I happened to catch them on sale for $15 each.  Not too shabby.  My earrings came from a street vendor in New York City for $10, and my black Valentino-esque clutch is from Nine West, but I actually got it in a gift bag on Cityline once.  I wore super high heels which was kind of dumb because my feet were hidden and after the second round of pictures I was in high-heel-hurting-hell.  Every time that happens, I envision myself having to wear the orthopedic shoes my Grandma wears from Walking On A Cloud.  Slightly scary.  Send me an email if you would like the dressmaker’s info – she’s really good.  JD

PS – I’m fully aware of the giant stain down the front of my dress.  That was a result of champagne spillage from the 90s dance party on the limo bus.  Well worth it.

PPS – This last shot was taken in the courtyard at Queen’s Landing in Niagara-on-the-Lake.  It reminds me of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.


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Breakfast on the East Side

Heat Waaaave!  Toronto is HOT right now.  I have been laying low in my non-air-conditioned apartment trying to beat the heat.  Considering the last two summers were nothing but dark clouds, cool breezes and rain, the lack of air conditioning never bothered me…until now.  The past two nights I came home from work, laid in my bed with a fan on me and read for hours.  At least I am catching up on my reading non?  I wore this red dress to breakfast last Canada Day.  I purchased it from Target almost three years ago for $30 and it has held up incredibly well – fabric and colour.  Necklace is from Aldo Accessories for $20, bracelet is from H&M for $4 and shoes are from Nine West.  CM


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Novelty for the Everyday

I picked up these heart-shaped sunglasses in Kensington last summer after being inspired by one of Garance Dore’s posts and French accordion player Tangi Ropars who would busk on the corner of Bay and Bloor last fall.  Some people (you know who you are) tell me that I can’t wear novelty sunglasses unless I am at a theme party but I decide not to listen to them because they are just too much fun.   I do receive some strange looks on the street but most reactions are smiles.  As expected I have lipstick to match; Nars semi-matte in Jungle Red.

Nail polish this weekend was O.PI.’s On The Same Paige.

I have been racing to get as much wear out of my boots before the real warm weather hits.  Once this happens my feet are in sandals and ballet flats until October – I stretch it out as long as possible.  On Saturday I wore my Nine West leather boots I purchased in Soho.  I hate to admit it because I am known for the “Shop Canadian!” speech but Nine West is so much cheaper in the US.  Speaking of, on our recent trip to NYC, Julie and I ran into Tangi.  He was the first person we saw when we arrived and he was busking on the streets.  He was happy to be recognized in the Big Apple  and dedicated a song to us.  A nice welcome if you ask me. CM


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