Denim On Denim…

Is a Canadian Tuxedo!  The myth is true – Canadians do wear denim tops paired with jeans.  Well… some of them.  A male coworker of mine did it last Friday and he looked amazing.  Later that night, my friends and I headed to The Comrad in Leslieville where our server was wearing her Canadian Tuxedo.  We had a fantastic talk about the look and why we love it.  Who knew that such fashion statements could make such great conversation with strangers?

I wore my denim outfit with (what I think is the best colour to pair denim) a camel coat.   This jacket is the oldest piece I am wearing. It was purchased nine years ago from a Mendocino Boxing Day sale for $100. I was excited when camel made a comeback last fall and I was able to take it out from the back of my closet.


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4 responses to “Denim On Denim…

  1. Trish

    The perfect pairing, right down to the socks. No doubt Scott Schuman would have stopped to photograph this outfit if he’d been in town.

  2. i like it Denim attached Denim… | SEVEN DOLLAR PANTS now im your rss reader

  3. Courtney Madison

    Oh so pretty !

  4. Leah

    I think that is known around here as “the Calgary Tuxedo”.

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