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Levi’s Bootcut Skinny

Levi’s recently approached me for a fun blogger challenge – style 3 outfits with the new bootcut skinny jean.  I was stoked because I absolutely love Levi’s and it really is a challenge for me because I only wear skinny jeans.  I chose the dark indigo pair because the Levi’s girls said they made me look mini. Sold!
The jean is awesome because it’s comfortable, hugs my legs snug but not too tight, and the width at the bottom is slightly smaller than a regular bootcut.  It’s an updated version of the traditional bootcut, which I definitely like.
I kept the look simple and wore my thin striped sweater and floppy hat both from H&M.  Sandals are by ShoeMint, bag is vintage coach, and the cutest dog ever was a passerby.  I love him!
This outfit would look great on a university campus or for running errands around town on a weekend.
Want your own pair of Levi’s? I’ll be running a contest via Twitter for a $300 Levi’s gift card – stay tuned for details! JD

Running away from me!

Loving white polish pedicures these days.  Sandals by ShoeMint.

Photography by Tania Alvarez


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For A Good Time, Call

Last night I attended the Canadian premiere of For A Good Time, Call.  Former college frenemies Lauren and Katie are forced to become roommates in New York City, and in order to pay their rent, the unlikely pair start a phone sex line together.  It stars Lauren Miller, Ari Graynor, and Justin Long, with cameos by Seth Rogan, Nia Vardalos, and Kevin Smith.  Directed by Toronto’s Jamie Travis, the film at heart is about female friendship and is hilarious, colourful, and fun to watch.  There’s never a dull moment and it’s different because it’s not a rom com, and it’s not a chick flick – it’s somewhere in between.  Guys will like it just as much as girls…or maybe even more.
After the movie was over, film critic Richard Crouse did a Q&A with the actors, director, and co-writer, and I got a shot with one of the leads, who was super friendly.  The movie comes out Aug. 31st – check it out! JD

Me with Ari Graynor – who looks a lot like Bette Middler!

Watch the trailer

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Toronto’s Most Stylish Reader Contest

Get your vote on!  I’m one of the top 10 finalists for Toronto Life’s Most Stylish Reader contest and I’m calling on y’all to help me win.  I’m truly honoured because I love this city and I love Toronto Life.  I hope I can count on my trusty readers for your votes.  It’s just 2 simple clicks to vote and you can vote ONCE PER DAY until 27-Aug. Would love if you could pass it on.  Click HERE to vote. Thank you so much!!!

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No Pants

When I was in NYC a couple weeks ago I noticed a trend – the girls wore short black tunics with short black boots and messy hair.  I spotted it everywhere from Williamsburg to SoHo to the Lower East Side and of course I loved it.  So yesterday I tried the look.  I wore my old (but favourite) tunic from H&M with new short boots by Bass (SO comfortable).  The tunic is pretty short so I felt like I wasn’t wearing pants, but it’s summer and my legs are finally tanned so I didn’t care.
I’ve also been loving the messy hair thing. I haven’t taken a hair dryer and round brush to my head since July 1st – no joke. That’s probably the longest I’ve gone since university.  I’m feeling free and I like it.  JD


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Things I Like

Things I liked this past weekend…

Sunshine on my newly built deck

Lemonade stand in Kensington Market

Delicious Mexican churros

Great jewelry store in Kensington….was drawn to this mint green table

New zipper bracelet to add to my arm party

Drinks on my deck with the lovely CM


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Prince Edward County

From the busy streets of New York to Ontario wine country – part 3 of my trip was spent in Prince Edward County.
If you follow my Facebook page, you already know how obsessed I am.  I heard PEC was becoming the new Niagara-on-the-Lake and that it was a cute place to visit, but that’s it.  Having zero expectations made the experience that much sweeter.   It was funny timing because Toronto Life came out with a Guide to Prince Edward County the day we got there.  We followed a bit of it, but discovered a lot of other great stuff too…

This trip solidified my obsession with barns

A lot of people don’t know about Prince Edward County, and have no idea that it’s in Ontario, but that’s fitting because it’s a magical place and feels SO far away from home.  The closest big city is Bellville but the little towns you want to go to are Picton, Bloomfield, and Wellington.

In a nutshell, PEC used to be all dairy farms but in 1999 they discovered the land was excellent for growing grapes – fast forward a decade and the county now has 32 wineries!  Driving down the country roads to the wineries felt like the Great Ocean Road in Australia (no exaggeration). We went to Closson Chase, Rosehall Run, The Grange, Norman Hardie, Waupoos Estates, and the Cider Company.  Each place was awesome and some had beautiful views of the lake.

Closson Chase

Old converted church at Closson Chase

Norman Hardie

County Cider Company – sipping delicious peach cider

Waupoos Estates Winery – unreal views and unbelievable food (explosion of flavours).

In addition to the wineries, and perhaps the best part (in my opinion) is the countless outposts of antique and vintage shopping. We’d be driving along the road and see a barn with an ‘antiques’ sign and I’d yell “pull over!”  The most exciting shop was City Revival in Picton – a vintage shop with great designer finds.  I bought an evening dress and I can’t wait to share with you *eeeeee*

Dead Peoples Stuff – that really was the name

More Highlights:

A major highlight is the spectacular Dunes Beach in Sandbanks Provincial Park. Here we spent the day floating on rafts in the water. It was so peaceful we fell asleep and drifted away.

Slickers Ice Cream – listen to Toronto Life and get the apple pie ice cream.  They mix 2 freshly baked apple pies into the ice cream and oh man it’s delicious.

Angeline’s Hub & Inn – great place for tapas and cocktails, and an awesome place to stay.

The towns have so much character and the houses have an undeniable charm.  The locals are extremely nice and you can tell they’re excited and proud of their sleepy-turned-cool-destination town. I would be too.  The drive is 3 hours from Toronto and it’s definitely worth a weekend trip – even for one night.  I am one thousand percent going back, it’s the best. JD


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Melting in Manhattan

Part deux of my vacation was unexpected.  We were on our way to the airport from Brooklyn (or so I thought) when the cab driver took an obscure route right through the city’s core.  I started to panic and thought we were going to miss our flight.  I was sure he was taking us for a ride to jolt the cab fare, and just as my temper started to rise, we pulled up at The Ace Hotel.  The boy told me to get out because we were staying a little bit longer. I jumped for joy.  I had never been surprised like that before.  To think I was heading home and suddenly get 2 more days in NYC — now that’s what I call a rad surprise.  The Ace Hotel definitely tops the chart for the coolest hotel I’ve ever experienced.  The decor, design, staff, and details are beyond clever and impeccable.

The Ace Hotel

The hangers at The Ace Hotel

We spent our extra days strolling the best parts of the city – West Village, Nolita, SoHo, and Lower East Side.  We also walked the Highline Park and had a little picnic in Central Park.  And by picnic I mean we picked up some cherries and watermelon from the closest deli, and sat on a blanket given to us by German tourists. Worked for me.

Shopping highlights included getting deals at the 5th Ave. Joe Fresh store (go Canada), Barney’s, Madewell, Uniqlo, and SoHo street vendors. Everything was on sale!

During the day we stopped for a Mexican snack at the coolest garage converted restaurant ever – Tacombi at Fonda Nolita.  At night we sipped cocktails at The Ace Hotel’s lobby bar, ate dinner at Momofuku (scrum-didle-y-umptious), and hit up speak easy bars like Milk & Honey, and The Back Room.

Tacombi at Fonda Nolita

Alley leading up to The Back Room. Dress from LF.

Me looking like one of those giant bats

The Back Room

Lower East Side
Caught in the act – eating a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery in the West Village.

I almost forgot – I called this post Melting in Manhattan because it was SO HOT it was unbelievable.  The word heatwave isn’t strong enough to describe it.  But I honestly loved it.  Cannot wait to go back. I love NY! JD



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