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Dose of Vitamin D

Ahhh we have been blessed this week with extraordinarily nice weather.  The hot weather has yet to come but I have been on cloud 9 with all sun.  Here I am getting my dose of much-needed vitamin D after this dark winter.  Getting your daily requirements of vitamin D is difficult to obtain from food alone – it is only found in oily fish like tuna and salmon as well as milk.  The best way to get it is to stand out in the sun (with sunscreen) and drink it up.  Vitamin D aids in the absorption and utilization of calcium which will keep your bones strong and prevents osteoporosis.  Research studies also suggest that getting enough vitamin D may help prevent high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis and some forms of cancer.  I think this post should have been called “Body Break“.

Wearing my fave leather jacket that I bought from Club Monaco on Bloor St 2 years ago at 70% off for $150.  The leather is still soft and it has maintained its original shape quite well.  Jeans are by Uniqlo in Soho and oxfords are from Century 21.

Love the zipper detail of the jacket.  Sunglasses are $19 from Joe Fresh.

Sweater is a Zara purchase from last year.  It was on sale for $20.

I normally belt it with this elastic and faux leather Costa Blanca belt that I purchased on sale for $5.  CM



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Who’s Fresh?

JD’s Fresh! or at least trying to be in my Zara trench coat.

Taking a pretend stroll and loving the weather in my ultra comfy basic black heels from Feet First. A wise $99 investment for lasting in heels 10 hours a day.

Leg kick!

Something caught my eye in the distance…

Parachute day! I used to love parachute days in elementary school….how fun was running under a brightly coloured piece of material? So simple. So fresh.

This skirt from Joe Fresh ($19) is an amazing anchor piece and gives me the freedom to wear it a million different ways. That’s key in building your wardrobe. If you can wear it a ton of different ways – buy it! My nautical inspired top is from H&M; scarf is from the Port Colborne Thrift Store ($2); belt came from a clothing swap party($0); and these sunglasses are my vintage Angelo Damiano aviators. I wanted to buy the new Joe Fresh trench coat this season because it was just a classic, perfect trench in an amazing quality fabric for just $59! insane. But I picked up the wrong size to try on and when I went back to the rack (one minute later) the size I needed was gone! You gotta be fast with Joe. People are die hards and they steal everything the second it lands in store. What’s your favourite Joe Fresh find?


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Abbot Kinney Blvd

A Sunday stroll, a bite to eat, coffee in hand, and lots of gabbing is how I recently spent some quality time with the bff on Abbot Kinney Blvd – an amazing street in Venice, CA.

I love Christina’s style and this is a perfect example of budget fashion – her sunglasses are from Target ($7), slip top is from a vintage store in Vancouver, cotton skirt is by Rittenhouse from One of  a Few in Vancouver, and shoes are by Clark’s from Freedman shoes (on sale) – they’re slightly on the grandma side but still chic, and more importantly comfy for her poor fallen arches. I didn’t take a close up of her feet because she has really beautiful toes, and some of you might be really jealous. Belt is Forever 21 ($8), and her purse was her grandma’s and is very special to her :)

Gjelina (ja-lee-na)


We strolled on over to Gjelina’s for brunch which was a cool spot with delicious food. Service was a bit slow but we were in no rush so it didn’t matter. I should have taken a pic of my sandwich – it looked so good and was a 9.5 on the taste-o-meter. We then went to Intelligentsia for coffee and spotted Toby Maguire, his wife, and baby in tow. He was quite striking in person – I liked the beard he had going on. The sun made the day just perfecto. 

Budget travel tip: I’d also like to tell you that over 4 and a half days in LA I only spent a whopping $330. Nuts eh? I used my Aeroplan points for my flight and paid $145 on taxes only; and the other $185 was just spent on food. I think the key to being a budget traveller is to not shop! Personally I’d rather shop before my trip and go with outfits planned, than go with nothing and waste sun and beach time trying to find something cool to wear when really, we have a lot of the same stores.  If you must buy something, you should make it one special purchase – something you can’t buy in your home town. Just my opinion. JD


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Safari Summer

To escape the rain Sunday afternoon, I travelled to Joe Fresh at Queens Quay to check out the new collection.  They had tons of bikini tops and bottoms as well as one pieces and I found this one on sale.  The two pieces collectively came to a total of $3.88 (for reals!) and I picked up the flip-flops for $4.  I look forward to styling this safari suit with colourful scarves and wood and gold accessories. CM


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Cinq 01

My friend Noreen and I had good eats, drinks, and chats at Cinq 01 on College street last night and closed the restaurant down. Literally. Every time the two of us meet up we just have so much to say that before we know it the place clears out, the music dies down, and the workers start sweeping the floor until they finally say “ladies I’m going to have to take your drinks away.” The last time we were out they put all the chairs on the tables and turned the lights off! We finally got the hint.

Noreen is a fan of my driving gloves from Aldo Accessories. I’ve received a lot of compliments on these gloves and some insults from guys saying they look like baseball gloves. What do they know?!

We shared the flatbread pizza and mac and cheese – both with truffle oil. Delectable. The music was ol’ school 90’s and the decor is ridiculously chic…I regret not taking more pictures of the interior, but you should check it out for yourself. Overall a great experience, I’ll definitely go back. JD

Cinq 01, 501 College St. (at Palmerston Blvd.), 416-964-1555

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Toronto Earth Hour

Tomorrow the Toronto Star, the National Post, and the Globe and Mail will tell us cute stories of how people in the GTA spent Earth Hour. These stories will be clever, romantic, and most likely family oriented. They will be about children who played Scrabble instead of video games. How sweet. They will make those of us who kept the lights on feel bad that we didn’t flick them off. 

I spent Earth Hour by painting my nails in keeping with our mid-March resolution. No I did not do this in the dark – please don’t judge me. Truth be told, I got home late and kind of forgot. Then I felt bad and turned the lights off for a bit and took this picture. I love the Earth and I apologize for not participating in the full hour – sorry world :( JD

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Stripe it to me

This shot was taken after a sun-filled day in Venice, CA. I look relaxed because I really was! Relaxing is something I cherish. You can’t put a price tag on relaxation and that’s why it’s so great. I bought this nautical knit dress at Joe Fresh and it’s one of my favourite wardrobe staples.

I’ve worn this dress so many ways. Here I paired it with leggings from Winners, a basic black cardigan from the GAP, some random necklaces, and my moto jacket from H&M. 

The giant clown above the CVS store in Venice – what’s the story behind this guy anyway? Can anyone tell me?

Me and the bff. Windblown.

These jazz shoes are from Century 21 in NYC, and my red purse is the friendship purse I got at I Miss You vintage on Ossington street in Toronto. Looking forward to wearing this dress sans leggings when warmer days are upon us. JD


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