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Sugar Beach

We’ve been loving the scorching heat that’s graced us this month, but if you live downtown, you know that finding a place to soak up the sun can be difficult.  Toronto definitely has great outdoor spaces – you just have to branch out a bit.  If you’re unfamiliar with Toronto’s beaches, you should check out the Beach City guide from NOW magazine.

One great place to start is Sugar Beach – it’s the whimsical park located at the foot of Lower Jarvis, beside the Redpath sugar factory (hence, Sugar beach).  Some people call it a “fake beach” because you can’t actually go in the water, but they have eye-catching pink umbrellas and Muskoka chairs!  Other perks – they have a splash pad near by and Joe Fresh is a quick 1 minute walk away if you feel like shopping.  It’s a great little escape that you don’t have to go too far for.  JD

Outfit details:
Striped tunic – Joe Fresh ($24)
Straw hat – Kensington Market ($10)
Beach bag – Wal-Mart ($7)
Sunglasses – Winners ($12)


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The Chunky Knit Cardigan

Do you ever buy the same piece of clothing over and over again until you get it right?
I’ve bought about 5 grey sweaters in the past year but they haven’t been quite what I was looking for – until I found this one.  It has just the right look – a draped effect but fitted too, a nice pattern of knit, and it isn’t too bulky that it looks like a grandma sweater.  It’s by DEX Clothing and I found it last week at Winners on Bloor for $24. JD

I’m also wearing:
* My old man driving cap, Kensington Market $11
* Silk boyfriend shirt, Joe Fresh $39
* Tapered cargo pant, Union Bay from Alloy.com $60 (after tax and shipping)
* Lace-up boots, H&M $69
* Leather moto-gloves, Aldo $24
* Cashmere scarf by Arnold Brant (gift)


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My Newest Chapeau

I have always been a hat girl.  Ever since the 7th grade, I developed this habit, this NEED to buy hats.  I have so many of them I could start a little hat shop.  But I would never sell them, because I love them all.  That’s a lie – I went through an embarrassing Blossom Russo stage and bought some hideous hats with giant sunflowers flowers on the front – THOSE I can get rid of.

I think my love for hats goes back to when I was a little girl and I used to wear my Nonno’s hats.  He was the definition of “Man of Style.”  He was blind for the last 25 years of his life and yet he still dressed in a different suit everyday, complete with polished shoes, a pressed shirt, sunglasses, and always a hat.  I have great photos of me trying on his hats at age 2 and again in grade school.  I’ll have to share them with you one day.

For now, I’ll show you a photo of my newest purchase – I call it my old man driving cap and I bought it in Kensignton Market for $11.  Are you a hat girl?  JD


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Cool Kat Hat

While walking though one of my favourite neighbourhoods of all-time – Kensington Market – an old man, probably around 85 years old says to me “nice hat, you look like a cool cat.”  It was too cute and made my day.  This hat is by Goorin Bros. and it reminds me of the hats my Nonno used to wear – and he was a very cool cat.  My plaid shirt came from Winners; white t-shirt and jeans are from Joe Fresh; canvas shoes are from Wal-Mart ($8!); and I picked up these sunglasses in Kensington for $5.  Gotta love the huge array of sunglasses – I get excited every time.  JD


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Ruffles And Roses

I wore this outfit to a big party once with cowboy boots and giant hair – it was sort of a saloon girl look.  I’ve been waiting to bust it out again but in a tamer way.  I found this double crinoline tutu at a vintage store called Flashback in Kensington Market for $35.  They have a ton of these fun skirts in all sorts of colours.  I paired it with a black tank from Jacob, a rose belt from Glamourous Place on Yonge street, and high heel booties by Dollhouse from Winners.  Christine and I are going to the Scissor Sisters concert next week so maybe I’ll wear it.  I don’t know – it’s between this or something leathery or neon or spandex.  Stay tuned!  JD


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Florals in a Vineyard

Tuesday I had mentioned that last weekend brought me to Niagara Falls and for a bachelorette party and we participated in five wine tours.  You can imagine how the rest of the evening panned out.  The plan was to dress more like you are going to the Kentucky Derby rather than a winery as sundresses and big hats were on the dress code.  I opted for goofy sunglasses instead.  I know, I’m a party pooper, but I couldn’t find a good hat!  My dress is an oldie from Forever 21 and by oldie I mean before the store came to Canada.  Shoes are from Aldo, purse is a Cole Haan sale purchase  and sunglasses are from Kensington Market.  CM


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Novelty for the Everyday

I picked up these heart-shaped sunglasses in Kensington last summer after being inspired by one of Garance Dore’s posts and French accordion player Tangi Ropars who would busk on the corner of Bay and Bloor last fall.  Some people (you know who you are) tell me that I can’t wear novelty sunglasses unless I am at a theme party but I decide not to listen to them because they are just too much fun.   I do receive some strange looks on the street but most reactions are smiles.  As expected I have lipstick to match; Nars semi-matte in Jungle Red.

Nail polish this weekend was O.PI.’s On The Same Paige.

I have been racing to get as much wear out of my boots before the real warm weather hits.  Once this happens my feet are in sandals and ballet flats until October – I stretch it out as long as possible.  On Saturday I wore my Nine West leather boots I purchased in Soho.  I hate to admit it because I am known for the “Shop Canadian!” speech but Nine West is so much cheaper in the US.  Speaking of, on our recent trip to NYC, Julie and I ran into Tangi.  He was the first person we saw when we arrived and he was busking on the streets.  He was happy to be recognized in the Big Apple  and dedicated a song to us.  A nice welcome if you ask me. CM


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