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70s Inspired Winter Look

It’s truly hard getting decent outfits together when it’s freezing outside.  It’s so easy to fall into a hibernation rut and hide under giant sweaters and really ugly jogging pants.  I know because I do it too.  But I also think it’s important to give yourself little make-overs and buy something new to wear to brighten your days.

This look is a bit 70s with my floral top (Forever 21), knit vest (Urban Outfitters), and my hair parted down the middle. My Vince riding pants aren’t so 70s, but they’re warm so they are a staple for me this season.

Hope you’re staying fashionably warm today! JD



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Puddle Jumpers

Nothing like a cupcake and my polka dot umbrella to take the rain away. Fulton Umbrella; Andrew Marc leather jacket, and Isotoner gloves circa 1988. Remember those? Cupcake by Starbucks.

Jumping puddles

Rain = not good for the hair

This rainy weather hasn’t been great for our hair or for taking pictures outside, but we managed to snap a few despite getting a little dewy.  Let’s break this down shall we? I went to Forever 21 yesterday and got this sweater for $9.07! It was supposed to be $33 but it scanned in wrong. I LOVE when that happens. They immediately took the rest of the sweaters off the shelf as soon as they realized their mistake. Most people spend $9 on lunch…I like to buy clothes with my lunch money. The gigantic flower is from Le Crapeau. That’s one store I do not like, but I randomly walked in one day and couldn’t resist this girly pinkness ($18). My white shirt is BOSS Black, pants are Vince, and my colourful umbrella was a gift from my friend Heidi. It makes the rainy days bright and bearable. JD


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Dream of Californiacation

Just got back from an amazing LA vaykay. I went to visit my best friend Christina and her man friend David. They’re living in Venice Beach at the moment which is one of the best parts of Cali in my opinion. Their teeny apartment was just outside this adorable little house.

We were about 30 seconds from Venice Beach. Look at the sun! Perfection. 

The days were sunny and warm, but the nights cooled off a bit so long pants were in order. This was just before going out for dinner at Dusty’s in Silver Lake. It was my first time wearing my chambray shirt from Zara, and I think I’ll be wearing it a lot. I paired it with a braided belt from H&M, Vince riding pants, and cognac coloured booties from Capezio.

Nautical scarf is from H&M; necklace is Forever 21, and my beloved key pin is from the Thrift store in Port Colborne. It’s my favourite piece. Accessories are my VICE.

I loved this garage. Remember who you are, listen to your soul, follow your heart. Words to live by. JD xo

ps – stay tuned for more Cali pics


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Dose of Pink

I wore pink today to brighten up my day. I feel more alive with colour, even though I do love wearing black a lot. I got this top/dress from Forever 21, paired it with Vince riding pants, a basic black blazer from Suzy Shier ($20!), boots from Winners, and necklace from Aldo Accessories. I absolutely love accessories from Aldo. Tip: sew gold buttons to a basic blazer and voila! a new look. I got these buttons at Fabricland for just $4. JD


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