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Baby News!!

Didn’t think that would ever be a title on SDP did ya?  Well we have some exciting news to spill — CM has a bun in the oven!!!  Yes, you read that correctly, CM is with child.  I’ve been holding it in for 6 months now and I’m excited to blab it.

CM has also left the city for a more relaxed life when the little one comes along.  It’s been a fabulous and exciting time learning the ropes of the blogosphere with each other, and I’m sad to see things change, but SDP will keep on truckin’ as I take over the blog on my own.  I’ll be changing the look and feel of Seven Dollar Pants, and I’ll do guest outfit pics of CM when she’ll let me.

For now, I’ll leave you with a picture of CM and I, and the future babe.  Stay tuned.  JD xo



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Canadian Guard – Girl Version

Where has this week gone?!? 2012 seems to be flying at warp speed these days.  It’s all good in the hood.  I’ve been busy working and playing in the snow.  This is my most recent hat purchase from The Hudson’s Bay Company, and as my mom pointed out – it looks like a Canadian Guard hat.  It really does, see here.

I’m also wearing a yellow silk shirt from Forever 21, Lace vest from H&M, Domino jeans, and my leopard print boots from Top Shop. Enjoy your weekend!! JD

Photos by Tania Alvarez


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Dreaming Of


The private roof top terrace I had last week in Mexico.  Look at the happiness on that face.  And today I’m wearing long johns under jeans, a long john top under a wool sweater, and a big puffy vest.  I’m basically the Michelin tire man.  Oh Canada.  JD

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Vintage Styling

Today’s outfit

Someone told me they liked my vintage outfit today.  I took it as a compliment but actually none of it is vintage.   This skirt is a new purchase from Durumi and Chocolate Shoes – a cute little store on Queen West.  A new fave of mine.  Polka dot blouse is from Winners; vest is from H&M;  silk scarf is by Dion Neckwear; and my leopard boots are from Top Shop.  Cheers! JD

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Hola! I heard there’s a snowstorm back home but I’m going to pretend that’s not true. Today I decided to have fun mixing patterns. My striped skirt is from Winners; tribal fringe top is from Urban Outfitters; blazer is from H&M; shoes are Steve Madden and my necklace is vintage. Adios amigos. JD


January 13, 2012 · 12:37 PM

Mr. Brightside


I’m boiling in the Mayan Riviera right now and loving it. I have an obsession with buying bikinis and this one is my latest. It’s from Ardene and it was only $20. I would never go in that store because it’s for teens but I saw it in the window and thought I’d give it a try. But more importantly, how nice does the ocean look? Love! JD


January 12, 2012 · 3:10 PM

Playa Del Carmen


Hola! Today is Playa Del Carmen day. I’m wearing my convertible dress from American Apparel – it’s a vacation staple. I’m also carrying around my little teal purse from Forever 21 and my Olympus camera. Adios! JD


January 11, 2012 · 2:20 PM