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5, 4, 3, 2…

I can barely contain my excitement.  It is Friday evening, there is 5cm of fresh snow on the ground and the weekend holds great promise.  Well I shouldn’t say “great” but definitely the promise of a good time.  There are new places to experience, food to be ate and drinks to be drank all over the next 48 hours.  Hopefully accompanied by a few more medals for the Canadian Olympic team.

Here a is song to start your weekend – this one always gets me going.  CM


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So Bad it’s Good

Following CM’s post about the pictures above her couch….we actually came across the crazy streamer restaurant in NYC by accident!! We were walking in the East Village not paying attention, and all of a sudden Christine stops in her tracks, points to the wonderful tackiness of xmas lights, tinsel, and streamers, and immediately we ran inside. We were so excited, we didn’t even know what kind of cuisine it was. The menu read Royal Bangladesh – delicious Indian!

The food was really good and our bill came to a whopping $15 total! cra-zy. 

We were convinced this was the restaurant that Carrie and Miranda went to for New Years Even in SATC the Movie, but it wasn’t. We were thrilled by our dinner and the tacky decor, but then it got even better – the waiters started playing a techno Happy Birthday song for the table beside us while clapping and turning the lights off and on…I’ll let the video explain….


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My Kind of Wonderful

I have mentioned in a previous post that my apartment came equipped with a wood burning fire-place.  When I saw the retro,  floral tiles I wasn’t sure what to think but I think they fit in just perfectly in my shabby chic living room.  It has been snowing non-stop in Toronto so curled up on my couch with the fire burning is where I have been all week.

Lanterns were visual display props from the retailer I work for.

Painting was a gift from my last Birthday.  Frames from Ikea and Target.

Vase was $1.99 from VV Boutique.  I think this green glass may become a collector’s item for me.  Candle holders are $6 from Kitchen Stuff Plus.

Blue pillow from HomeSense.  Throw is actually a shawl from Bedo that I wear from time to time but it spends most of its time on my furniture.  Three white picture frames are from Kitchen Stuff Plus and photography is by my friends Jaime & Janelle Barash.  Below are the three prints on my wall.  Photos were taken in New York City.  CM


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Just Because We Are So Excited…

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Ice Fest!

Ice Fest took place in the Bloor-Yorkville neighbourhood Feb. 20-21

I came dressed for the occasion in a Grandma Chic sweater that I bought years ago from a store called Neat Stuff – all you Niagara readers know what I’m talking about. My aviator hat is by Parkhurst; scarf is from Suzy Shier; legging pants are from Mendocino; boots are Steve Madden, and my belt was from a clothing swap party.

Grandma sweaters are the best. Comfy. Cozy. JD


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Christine and I ventured to newbie Mexican resto Chimichanga. The vibe was good, food was delish, and let me tell you the margaritas were SO STRONG! I almost died. This was by far the strongest drink I’ve ever had (see below for my reaction). JD

The lack of snow in Toronto this year has been great for our leather shoes.  Julie and I both wore our own version of oxfords to work on casual Friday.  Julie wore her black woven oxfords with grey argyle socks and her jeans cuffed.  My jazz shoes were worn with bright blue plaid socks and stovepipe skinny jeans.  Both pairs were purchased at Century 21 in New York City.  Coincidentally, the last time I wore the jazz shoes I went out for Mexican and accidentally spilled my leftovers all over them.  My shoe repair man was not impressed with that cleaning :(  I was more careful this time around.  CM

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Who’s gonna drive you home?

This just made my night. LOL – I broke out laughing at the video, but I seriously love this song. Aren’t the 80’s ridiculously amazing and weird all at once? I’m still at work and wanting someone to drive me home because it’s a blizzard out there. JD

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