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Gym Clothes Are For The Gym

I contemplated wearing yoga pants and a hooded sweatshirt on this lazy Sunday but I decided I could wear comfortable clothes without looking like I was headed to the gym, so I wore this instead, and was equally as comfortable.

I bought this lady-like hat in Australia years ago and it’s by Kangol.  It’s one of those purchases I love and never really wear, but will hold on to forever.

I’m also wearing:
* Distressed jeans, Joe Fresh ($29)

* Charcoal top with lace shoulders, Winners ($19)
* Dex chunky knit sweater, Winners ($24)
* Cowboy boots, vintage store on Dundas ($10)

Next time you’re temped to leave the house in “house clothes” (as Italians in Italy would say), reach for a pair of jeans and a knit sweater instead – you’ll feel like less of a bum and you’ll be glad you did.  JD

This is my “hurry up and take the picture, I’m so cold” dance.
Thanks for taking the pics Mom! xo



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A Few of Our Favorite Things

Last Tuesday we attended the Gap holiday shopping party hosted by our favorite Toronto fashion blogger, Julia Seidl for Stylehog.  Here are a few of our favorite things.

Julia Seidl of Stylehog

Pierre Hardy for Gap hiking boot.

Shearling and camel = The perfect mix

Make-up artists were on hand from MAC.

Sequins!  I love sequins like the Cookie Monster loves cookies.

Toronto DJ’s Bangs and Blush.

Faux Fur Trapper Hat.  CM


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Bundle Up Little Ones

It’s official – our good friend winter has arrived.  Last night I bundled up in my Rudsak winter coat and the warmest scarf I own – a giant circle scarf from H&M.  I also wore lace-up booties and my newest hat, both from H&M.
I’m having visions of sitting by a fireplace, wearing leg warmers, and eating homemade cookies….who’s baking for me?  Baby, it’s cold outside! JD


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If you are from Burlington or Hamilton you would know what separates these two cities (I hope). I am not talking about the vast acres of professionally manicured land at the Royal Botanical Gardens, I am talking about its neighbor, Easterbrooks.

Founded by a Burlington family in 1930, Easterbrooks is known for their foot long hot dogs and their decor which hasn’t changed since the day it opened. Space is scarce in the diner so red vinyl stools are placed at the bar and the side wall beside a vintage (almost antique) hunting game. The hot spots are three wooden booths where you can make yourself a part of Easterbrooks history by tagging your name on their benches. The oldest love story I read was “Jim + Mary ’68”. Wonder if their romance lasted as long as Easterbrook’s furniture?

The Easterbrooks menu is set is stone with hamburgers, fries, milk shakes, floats and foot longs. The hot dog menu is listed on paper plates glued to the wall and there are over 20 to choose from (veggie dogs available). I went with the Guided Missile topped with onions,  dijon mustard and sauerkraut. I’m sure the name has something to do with the destruction of what was once fresh breath but either way it was worth this day.


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Lace Top Tight Pants

I popped by The Bay on Queen last week and found this lace top by Vero Moda on sale for $20. Score!  I love Vero Moda – they always have nice stuff.  I bought an amazing dress as well that I’ll show you soon.

My pants and belt are from Zara ($59), and  I’m happy to tell you that Zara on Bloor is finally open after 5 months of renovations.  That was a long wait.  They changed the floors, shelving, and light fixtures.  That’s it! I thought they were building another floor at that rate.

My lace-up booties are from Spring shoes, and cashmere scarf is by Arnold Brant.  Hope you are bundled up today, it’s getting so cold!  It’s going to be difficult to take outfit photos outside soon.  Not sure what we’re gonna do!  JD



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I found this H&M sweater in a random closet at my Mother’s house.  It was a Eureka moment!  How could I have let it sit for four years in bag on the floor of a closet?  Do you ever have those moments where a piece of clothing is discovered after years of hiding?.  It closely compares to a great vintage find.  Since my rediscovery last week, I have worn this sweater way too many times (laundry!)  We have reunited… and it feels so good.

Overcoat – Club Monaco
Jean Shorts – H&M
Tights – Hue
T-Shirt – Gap
Booties – Spring
Belt – H&M
Sunglasses – Joe Fresh
Lipstick – Nars Jungle Red


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New York Eats

We were just reminiscing about the trip we took to New York last fall because we’re set to go back in a few weeks!!  Manhattan and Brooklyn restaurants are simply amazing.  Toronto definitely has some great eats, but New York is just a whole other level.  There’s always a little something extra that makes the experience so memorable.  We made the most of our short stay by hitting up to four places a day.  We would get a drink and appetizer and move on to the next.  It was a great way to try out a lot of places.  Our favourite had to be La Esquina in Nolita.  We don’t have pictures from it because we didn’t want to blow our tourist cover by busting out our cameras, but here are some of the other places we hit…..

Freemans on the Lower East side. A little tricky to find, but well worth it! I love fire escapes for some odd reason – they just look so charming.

Lowenbrau, Brussel sprouts.

Maccondo in the Lower East Side.

Eight different types of booze. Trouble.

Dumont Burger (Williamsburg, Brooklyn). D-LISH.

Fada Bistro (Williamsburg, Brooklyn). Here we saw a girl wearing no bra and a see-through top.

Magnolia Bakery. After these cupcakes and iced coffees we felt seriously sugar high (West Village)

Milk and Cookies in the West Village. YUM!

Royal Bangladesh in the East Village. Check out our video from this place here! AMAZING TIMES!! See ya soon NYC! JD & CM xx


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