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Woven White

There is nothing more comforting to me then a crisp white shirt. Perhaps it is because I wore one with my uniform over the majority of my adolescent life it is almost second nature for me to get out of bed and put one on.  Or maybe it is because the feel of woven cotton on my skin is so clean and fresh, I end up wearing such shirts to bed.  The classic white button up shirt is the also the one article of clothing that I can clearly envision such iconic images and characters such as Brigette Bardot, Carrie Bradshaw, Marilyn Monroe and not to mention our favorite sociopath, Patrick Bateman.  Christine



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Back again at Lakeview.  Story of our lives.  Sitting above our poutine and milkshakes (we do not recommend such indulgences as they kill the waistline) is Adam ShaX’s colourful collection of Coney Island photographs.  His images glow so bright from the walls of the diner in what could be mistaken for animation on LCD screens.   The Lakeview is yet another public gallery for Scotiabank’s CONTACT Photography Festival which runs for two more days.   Here is what I suggest to you; open the map, close your eyes, point to the screen and visit the installation closest.

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Ordinary and Everyday

I always talk about how comfortable my Yoga jeans are and how I can’t go back to regular jeans, so I just had to buy another pair.  I went to ShopGirls Gallery Boutique in Parkdale and ordered the high waist skinny jeans in black.  I’ll start with the basic colours and then I’ll venture out to stone wash and other shades.

Yoga Jeans by Second Denim. High waist, skinny, blue.  So comfy.

While I was at ShopGirls I happend to notice more great photos as part of the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival.  The photos were shots of past home interiors by Mandy Keeping, Emma McIntyre, and Jade Lee.  By documenting these ordinary and everyday places over time, the photographers are given the opportunity to reflect and understand their relationship to these spaces – to examine whether or not they still resonate on an emotional and personal level.  The photos caught my eye and made me think of my grandparents and older relatives homes.  Interesting to see how home decor has drastically changed over time.  It made me think about my wardrobe and how I loathe some of the things I wore 10 years ago, and what my wardrobe and home decor will look like in another 10 years.  hmmmmm, we shall see.

I hope you’re taking advantage of the festival. I love that it pops up virtually everywhere, like little unexpected treats. Enjoy! JD

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Until The End of the World

Many crazy people believed the world was going to end this weekend, so we decided to live by this quote “Let’s party like the world is ending Saturday and continue partying when it doesn’t.”

We finally got a taste of REAL summer and what a glory it was.  We gathered a group of friends for a picnic and some bocce in the park and it turned out to be an awesome afternoon.  Trinity Bellwoods Park was filled with people relaxing, playing games, and just loving life.  I love when the park is packed – it reminds me of a busy beach. We had food, tunes, sunshine, and good people. What more could you ask for?

We also went to the Lykke Li concert at the Phoenix and it was just amazing.  Her music is the best to begin with, but seeing it live made me feel it in my veins. The beat of the drums combined with Lykke’s unique voice, outfit choices and dance moves easily make her the coolest chic out of Sweden. We love the Swedes – Lykke, Robyn, and Elin! I think a Seven Dollar Pants trip to Stockholm is in order.

And of course a great weekend wouldn’t be complete without milkshakes and mimosas a la Lakeview.  Good times all around. Glad the world is still here. Slow clap. JD

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Cape Town in Navy

This is my mom’s maternity cape that she wore while she was pregnant with me.  I was a giant baby by the way, coming in at 9 lbs 4 oz…and 1 month overdue.  I love fat babies…maybe I knew I wanted to be one before coming out.

I added this cape to my coat collection because I was inspired by the capes at American Apparel.  I noticed them in the window and suddenly remembered something similar in my mom’s closet.  I called in a panic like I always do when I think something has been given away. It went something like this…

Me: “Mom? Do you still have that cape? Please don’t say you gave it away.”
Mom: “I might have given it to so and so’s daughter when she was pregnant, but it might still be here, let me check.”
Me: “No! you can’t give stuff like that away!”
Mom: “You’re in luck, it’s still in the closet.”

These types of conversations take place every few weeks.  Last week I called asking about my leather backpack that came straight from Italy and the response was “we gave it to a girl in Cuba who really wanted it” – I couldn’t be mad at that one, but damn, kinda wish I still had it.

Also shown:
Domino jeggings ($50) from Lavish and Squalor
Steve Madden espadrilles ($50) Winners
Joe Fresh scarf $16
Angelo Damiano aviators (gifted) aka my grandfather’s sunglasses


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Glen Baxter’s Sandy Lake

While taking a stroll down Bloor Street, Julie and I popped into the Hugo Boss store to check out Glenn Baxter’s Sandy Lake photo exhibit for the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival.  Glenn set out to Canada’s north to photo document First Nation community life in Northwestern Ontario.  The focus was to show the beauty within the landscape and the community as well as the hardships such isolation would accompany.  On the top floor of the Boss shop, the exhibit is open to everyone as are most of the festivals installations.  The Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival runs to the end of May so be sure to seek out even a few of the 1,000+ exhibits.  Or, when you are out and about in shops, restaurants or other public places in Toronto look up, you may just be in the middle of an installation.  CM

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Photography and Brunch

We’ve been having typical Vancouver weather in Toronto these days and it kinda sucks.  Alas, we’re Canadian and manic weather won’t stop us from living our lives.  I ventured out in the drizzle, and encountered all sorts of surprises that made me love living in a vibrant city…and made me forget that my perfectly blown out hair turned into a fluffy mess.

While walking along Queen street I was happy to see the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival signs in a ton of windows.  I can’t believe it’s already been a year since this great festival graced our city.  Time flies that’s for sure.  Contact is an annual festival of photography in Toronto during the whole month of May.  In over 200 venues, you can find over 1,000 exhibits and it’s free to the public.

I popped in GalleryWest to see Lee Henderson’s Still Life with Thanatotic Animals.  The artist is fascinated by “the end of the road” and how death is reflected in our collective histories.  I liked how the prints were hung along thin cabling – it reminded me of prints hanging in a dark room, which is something I’d like to do myself one day.

Following that I went to Swan Restaurant for a delicious eggs benny brunch.  I tend to go to my favourite places all the time, so it was nice to try somewhere I hadn’t been before.  The food was delicious, service was great, and I love the Art Deco decor.

Overall a great little afternoon despite the rain.  Keep your eyes peeled for the amazing photography hanging right before your eyes.  Check out for more info. JD


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