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Pushing Labour Day

Do you wear white after Labour Day?  I find that people are split 50/50 over this.  I understand that seeing white apparel after the first weekend of September can be sad to some.  It is hard to say goodbye to summer after all.   I find that many retailers make this rule even more confusing.  I was shopping on Queen Street and many retailers have (gasp!) white pants and skirts hanging in their stores.  Anyway, here I am wearing this white and navy striped dress from Ralph Lauren.  I had to get one more wear in before Fall really hits.  I purchased in Florida for $40.  Shoes are Cole Haan and necklace is from Aldo.  CM



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Grey Matters

I was in a wedding party last Saturday and I have to say that my bridesmaid dress was pretty good.  It’s tough to find a dress that multiple girls agree on/look good in, and there’s always drama surrounding the whole process, but this one was elegant and not too controversial.  We had them made by a dressmaker named Sue from Hamilton, Ontario.
I enjoyed the mid-grey colour because of its simplicity, and the bride picked out beautiful jewel tone bouquets that complimented it very well.  We all wore sparkly cuffs that I found at Aldo Accessories.  They were regular $50 but I happened to catch them on sale for $15 each.  Not too shabby.  My earrings came from a street vendor in New York City for $10, and my black Valentino-esque clutch is from Nine West, but I actually got it in a gift bag on Cityline once.  I wore super high heels which was kind of dumb because my feet were hidden and after the second round of pictures I was in high-heel-hurting-hell.  Every time that happens, I envision myself having to wear the orthopedic shoes my Grandma wears from Walking On A Cloud.  Slightly scary.  Send me an email if you would like the dressmaker’s info – she’s really good.  JD

PS – I’m fully aware of the giant stain down the front of my dress.  That was a result of champagne spillage from the 90s dance party on the limo bus.  Well worth it.

PPS – This last shot was taken in the courtyard at Queen’s Landing in Niagara-on-the-Lake.  It reminds me of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.


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A Single Vice

Some of you may have already met my sister Karin from a previous post, but if not, you are now introduced.  Karin is my little sister.  To my dismay, most assume that she is older as she is much more mature and far more responsible.  Her single little sister vice is stealing clothes from me.  Things are different now as we do not live together but my problem is that I gave her keys to my apartment and she now goes shopping in my closet, even when I’m not there.  When things are missing, I know exactly where they are – on Karin.   Here she is wearing a CM styled outfit.  Top is from H&M and shorts are a sale purchase from Zara for $20.  Necklace is from Aldo Accessories for $20, orange clutch was $8 from H&M and Belt is $4 from Joe Fresh.  Shoes are Karin’s and they are from Aldo. CM


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Chocolate Covered Brussels

Belgium is best known for its chocolate, so it was natural that we spent a few hours in the Grand Sablon neighbourhood in Brussels where all the finest chocolate shops are found.  We visited Pierre Marcolini, Whitamer, Godiva, Leonidas, and Neuhaus to name a few.  Luckily I didn’t drop my delicous truffle over my new cream top.  I found this top at a vintage store in Gent for 4 euro!  I paired it with my Rich & Skinny dark jeans, gold necklace from Aldo Accessories, and my straw fedora from Joe Fresh ($10).  I think I have been eating too much chocolate on this trip, but when in Rome right? JD



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Breakfast on the East Side

Heat Waaaave!  Toronto is HOT right now.  I have been laying low in my non-air-conditioned apartment trying to beat the heat.  Considering the last two summers were nothing but dark clouds, cool breezes and rain, the lack of air conditioning never bothered me…until now.  The past two nights I came home from work, laid in my bed with a fan on me and read for hours.  At least I am catching up on my reading non?  I wore this red dress to breakfast last Canada Day.  I purchased it from Target almost three years ago for $30 and it has held up incredibly well – fabric and colour.  Necklace is from Aldo Accessories for $20, bracelet is from H&M for $4 and shoes are from Nine West.  CM


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Robo Shoulders

These shots were taken outside the lovely ROM on Bloor Street on a brisk but nice day. The last time I went inside the ROM, I saw the Vanity Fair portrait exhibit which was AMAZING!

I’m really happy I’ve been able to ditch my winter coat lately for this one bought at Joe Fresh. My sunglasses are from Red Pegasus on College street; motorcycle gloves are from Aldo Accessories and are on sale online at the moment; grey bag is from Winners as are my new Dollhouse booties.

My top is from Forever 21; skirt is from Jacob, and my belt is Forever 21 too. On a side note, the other day this woman complimented me on my thirteen dollar pants and asked “who are they by?” — when I said they were from Forever 21, she turned her nose up at me! I guess they weren’t good enough for her because they weren’t couture. People like that make me laugh. Anyway, I love how square this top makes my shoulders look. I think everyone should have at least one top with big shoulders. JD


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Lady Look

This is my lay-lady-lay look of the day. I feel very Joan Harris wearing this to the office. Even though I don’t have red hair or a giant rack, this is definitely something Joan would wear. My punch of pink top is from H&M but I actually got it from a clothing swap party. Necklace is a current fave from Aldo Accessories; skirt with leather patch was found at Vintage Mix 1 on Ossington Avenue (amazing vintage store in the city!). Tights are from Aldo Accessories, and shoes are from Payless. JD

P.S – this is Vintage Mix 1
I love it! JD


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