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Event: Strut for a Cure

We had a fabulous time at the Strut for a Cure event last Thursday held at the Berkeley Church on Queen East. We just LOVE that venue – it’s a true rustic gem in the city. We love the courtyard, old hallways, exposed brick, and the random treehouse beside it. So fun. This event originated a year ago in Barrie Ontario when supermodel Coco Rocha and her 11 year-old cousin Erika organized a charity fashion show to raise funds for a friend with cancer. The event was a success and made its way to Toronto for an even bigger and better soiree. The night featured the one and only Jeanne Beker as Emcee, a fashion show with designs by Todd Lynn, a concert performed by Dragonette, amazing DJs, and lots of fun times. If you’re into fashion, music, and contributing to a great cause, you should come next year!  

Inside the church

View from the treehouse

We met Cherry and Tamara who told us they are SDP readers! You made our night ladies :)

CM in an H&M Garden Collection dress, earings from NYC, and sky-high wedge shoes from Aldo.

I picked this dress up for $40 at a vintage store in Mirvish Village – right on Markham street at Bloor. There are a lot of great vintage stores and restaurants in that little nook of Markham street. Me loves!

We got a picture with the striking and down to earth Coco Rocha. She is perfectly tall and teeny tiny in the bod. It’s completely ridiculous that the modeling industry has been deeming her a plus size model as of late. That’s just so crazy I have no words.  She’s stunning, has an amazing runway walk, and seems like a very humble and caring person. Afterall she’s Canadian! JD & CM



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MTV With Jakey-Poo

A friend of ours scored tickets from a Twitter contest to see Jake Gyllenhall live at MTV! He was promoting his new movie Prince of Persia. There were mostly high school kids in the audience and us – a group of rowdy older girls perched on the balcony shouting things like “we love you Jakey-Poo” and “show us your abs” – yes we are 12. But he looked up at the balcony and laughed at us. That’s right, we made Jakey laugh. He was super cute and down to earth. Great combination. CM + JG = true love forever.


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Hot Dog Day

The sun is shining, it’s Friday, and I’m just a little tired. Perfect day for that hot dog I’ve been craving since Monday

You’ll have to excuse me for my delayed post, Christine and I were out last night and I was in no form to blog when I got home. We went to the Strut for a Cure event at the Berkeley Church on Queen East with a group of girlfriends. It was fab, and we’ll be blogging about it later. Stay tuned and enjoy your weekend!! Get a hot dog! JD


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Sex And The City II

I went to an advance screening of SATC II last night! I was so excited – even though I heard negative reviews. I knew there would be cheesy parts but girls like the cheesy parts so I figured it would still be a crowd pleaser. I don’t want to ruin it for you and I encourage everyone to see it so we can all debrief, but all I can say is a big MEH. Le sigh. Sorry girls it was just too much cheese for my plate. JD


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In The Navy

Since we started this blog, it has forced me to evaluate my current wardrobe and what I actually make use of.  I have cleared out my closets at least 3 times this season yet I still manage to hoard.  Often I will decide to break out certain items (out of the darkness from the back of the closet) and wear them just to learn that I should have trashed them long ago.  Case in point: these hideous shoes. Yes, I bought them at a good price…but that was 5 years ago and clearly my only excuses at this point.  Seriously, what was I thinking?!  My blog posts have also taught me that I need to practice using self tanner on my legs on a regular basis.  Case in point: my legs in these pics!  They make the shoes look that much worse.  Now I know.

Anyhow, I am feeling the rest of this outfit.  Lipstick is Prescriptive’s Classic Red Cream.  The blazer is from Zara on Bloor and dress is from Forever 21 on Yonge for $24.  Bracelet is from H&M for $4 and necklace is an oldie from Annex at Masonville Mall in London.  Do any of you ladies remember that store? CM


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Meat and Art

We’ve heard from a number of sources that Caplansky’s Delicatessen on College Street is better than the infamous Schwartz’s Deli in Montreal.  I haven’t been to Schwartz’s so I can’t really say and I’m not really a fan of smoked meat, but when Christine bit into the smoked meat sandwich, she confirmed the rumours were true. According to her taste buds anyway. 

While we were there enjoying the patio, we discovered yet another photo exhibit from the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival. What a delight! This exhibit by Jade Lee Portelli and Emma McIntyre is called Before and After. The shots were beautiful depictions of the built environment, both urban and rural as seen through American landscapes.

Doesn’t this butcher look like he’s 12? The Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival is on till the end of May – keep your eyes open for exhibits, or check out


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Red Lemon

The colour combination of red and yellow is a bit bold…kind of like ketchup and mustard. I normally wouldn’t marry the two but I was inspired by an outfit I saw in Anthropologie’s look book (which is always amazing by the way). It’s liberating to wear an outfit that doesn’t contain any trace of black or grey.

I bought this top from Winners a while back and it’s one of those tops that I don’t wear often, but I know better than to get rid of it. This yellow skirt is from Zara and I really like the crisp shape – it instantly gives a polished look. My belt is from the GAP and it’s one of my all time favourites. Vintage sunglasses were my grandfather’s, and my jazz booties are from Spring shoes. Wearing this outfit has got me in the mood for street meat! For those of you that don’t know, Toronto is home to countless hot dog stands throughout the city and the dogs are amazing! I’ll let you know how my first dog of the season is….excited for lunch. Happy summer days ahead! JD

PS – here is just one of the many street meat hubs in the city. I wonder how many there actually are….


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