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Ad Week Gala

A few looks from Andy The Anh’s Spring 2010 Collection

The Real Ad Men of Toronto (from Cossette and Grip)

Hosts of Ad Week including Ms. Jeanne Beker (MC of the fashion show)

On Friday the Fermenting Cellar played host to Toronto’s advertising industry for the 2010 Ad Week Gala. The event featured food from The Sultan’s Tent, Buca, Gusto, and Milagro. A Bobbi Brown make-up station was set-up for touch ups courtesy of Murale, and the fashion show was a great success! I was backstage getting the ad men dressed in stylish threads, while the female models were dressed in Andy The Anh, with lots of blues and whites making their début for Spring. By the time I was ready for a drink, they had run out of vodka! I guess ad guys and gals really do get their drink on. Too bad the crew from Sterling Cooper couldn’t make it, I would’ve loved to see Ms. Draper’s outfit ;) JD


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Ugly? Dresses

I always used to see the most amazing dresses in vintage stores and the VV Boutique (what Julie and I call Value Village) but I knew that I would never be able to wear them, sadly I would cruise on.    One year I saw a red, sequined gem, bought it and created a place to wear it: Christine’s 1st Annual Ugly Dress Party.  This past Christmas marked the 2nd anniversary of the now legendary (among my friends) Ugly Dress Party, and in 2009…. the girls brought it.  In ’08 some were hesitant about the level of ugly, but no one held back this past year.  The winner for ’09 was Jessica Wilkes in the white number – God, was her dress ugly!



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What Lives Under Your Desk?

Under my desk lives a large collection of shoes.   (This could a subject of debate as it could appear large to some but minimal to others. )  What you are viewing is my fall/winter collection of work shoes minus my usual staples of tall boots: black leather, brown suede; and my brown jazz shoes which are being cleaned at Shoe Therapy on Bay Street after I dropped a Mexican stew all over them.  Ugh, the thought of it still pains me!  The single pair above from Aldo are my most recent favorite with the price of $24.99 (Boxing Day sale) making them even more favorable.   The snake-skin embellishments gives it a definite edge from the basic black pump.

Somehow my white, open-toe pumps managed to stay in the mix.   I guess we all need reminders of the warm, summer months ahead…


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To Market We Go

Hells Kitchen Antique Market

The Market NYC

Handmade leather tassel keychain from The Market in Nolita

The Brooklyn Flea

Christine and I recently took a little weekend trip to NYC. We ventured to three great markets that we recommend if you’re into vintage, crafty, and unique finds. First stop – the Hells Kitchen Antique Market, at 112 West 25th Street. There we found cool purses, records, and a lot of antique furniture. Second stop was The Market NYC in Nolita at 268 Mulberry St. This one is located in a random old gymnasium. And finally, The Brooklyn Flea! (my fave) located in Dumbo directly under the Brooklyn Bridge. There we spotted Kiki Dunst looking at vintage bracelets, ate some lobster bisque, and finished the day with a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. What a great day. Can’t wait to go back. JD


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Sunday Afternoon Rain

It is Sunday afternoon.  It is raining.  I temporarily escaped the cold at iam yoga hot yoga studio.  Johnny’s 3PM ashtanga class is something I try to attend as much as I can and today I FINALLY did a head stand.  Patience is a virtue.  Now it is time to curl up by my uber retro fireplace (yes, my rented apartment is blessed with a fireplace) and watch Clueless.  R.I.P. Brittany Murphy.  R.I.P. Pac.


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My Boots My Bag

Had a good night over drinks and eats at old Annex favourite Insomnia, but felt like I had nothing to wear when I was getting ready, so I busted out my favourite boots. Nubuck leather Cole Haan boots with Nike Air soles. Don’t let the Nike Air part fool you – they’re not the most comfortable of the bunch…they’re high! In a cool greyish blue colour they make an all black outfit a little more interesting. I like being tall. My coat is by Rudsak and bag was found on someone’s front lawn in the Queen West hood. True story. JD

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Favorite Plate of the Week

Brunch!  We love it and wait all week for it.  I ventured outside of my Yorkville/Church & Wellesley comfort zone and hit up Bar One with a friend.  Found at Queen and Shaw, we sat at a communal table (I love this seating style) for a delicious brunch.  What did I love the most?  The stylish host offered us coffee while we waited the 5 minutes for our place to be set.  How did she know I am a caffeine addict?  Next time I will see you at the Hoof


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