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Favourite Loop

Sunday’s weather was THE BEST.  I hope everyone was outside to enjoy it.  I did my favourite loop — a stroll down Ossington, Queen West, Trinity Bellwoods Park, and Kensignton Market. Stopping in and out of stores and coffee shops along the way, finishing with a few groceries in Kensington. Something sad to report – Badlands Vintage on Ossington closed, you know the one with the huge downstairs. Sad to see it go.
I finally went into the newish vintage store called Used at Queen and Spadina. The name is pretty awesome because most people use nicer words like “vintage” or “thrifted” but guess what? It’s used! It was pretty decent, and the prices were normal. There’s nothing I hate more than expensive vintage…unless it’s a designer dress of some sort. I will make an exception when I find my perfect Betty Draper dress. I know exactly what it should look like – just haven’t found it yet.  JD

Trinity Bellwoods Park

I never knew Cabaret had a basement. Loved this bar/mannequin.

Random Fox head




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This is the Heartbreak Hotel

My friend and I were walking down Queen street and she stopped in front of the gorgeous heritage house across from Trinity Bellwoods Park and said “I’ve NEVER noticed that house.”  I was shocked because she’s lived in the city longer than I have, and I notice it every time I walk by.  Later that day, another friend came across a big storage closet at work and said “I NEVER knew this existed.”  Shocked again, I thought how could this be?

Then came my turn.  The next day I was walking down Queen street and I happened to look above the Hero Burger and noticed an old sign that said Hotel Heartbreak.  I am very familiar with this area and I have NEVER noticed it before!  What a bizarre feeling.  Life is full of funny little surprises.  Does that ever happen to you?  JD

And for those who now have Whitney Houston’s Heartbreak Hotel in their head….hit it!


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Parts and Labour

Have you heard of the new Parkdale restaurant/punk bar called Parts and Labour? It’s a marriage between the owners of The Social, Castor Design and Oddfellows (remember the Winnebago party?!). We went to check it out mid-week and were quite impressed with its vibe. Amazing lighting, cool space, lots of beards and plaid shirts. Highlight of the night: a table of cured meat!

How pretty are these flowers?
Check out Parts and Labour yo. 1556 Queen Street W. http://partsandlabour.ca/

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Toronto Cityscape

There are so many cliché images out there of New York, Paris, and London. Poster stores, framing stores, Homesense, Target, Winners, you name it. Although these three cities are amazing, I’d rather hang images of the city I live and breathe on my apartment walls, not somewhere that I have been a just handful of times.  That’s why Christine and I were attracted to the exhibit entitled Toronto by Adam Shax at Lakeview Restaurant, as part of the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival. When I moved into my latest apartment, I decided I wanted to buy images of Toronto to hang above my couch, but did you know they are next to impossible to find? You can’t buy them anywhere – which made me want them even more. I ended up purchasing old Toronto images from the Toronto Star online, but they are not nearly the same as what we saw here….

Lakeview Restaurant, Dundas West

Massy Hall, Victoria Street

Lula Lounge, Dundas West

Velvet Underground, Queen West

The images were so vibrant, colourful and glowing! They look so animated and almost like illustrations…if you weren’t familiar with the venues in real life. Massy Hall looks so elegant, Lula Lounge screams colour, and I’m actually shocked at how good the Velvet Underground looks. I walk by it weekly and it’s not one of my favourite places because of its dingy and dirty vibe, but Shax manages to make it look beautiful. Impressive.

I wore a mix of vintage and new finds. My classic Levis red tab jean jacket and purse were both thrifted gifts from BFF for my birthday. It’s pretty cool to have a friend that knows what vintage things you like. Striped tights are from H&M, Jazz booties are from Spring Shoes, and my floral dress came from a clothing swap party. How many photo exhibits have you hit this month? Take a closer look around, there are amazing photos everywhere for the month of May!

Interesting Facts: 1) Lakeview Restaurant is open 24 hrs a day to satisfy your late night hunger pangs. And 2) there were many scenes filmed at Lakeview for the movie Hairspray with John Travolta! JD


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