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Inspired By Festival Season

Yesterday I read an article about (music) festival attire in Fashion magazine and the image of Kate Moss wearing a vest and jean shorts with hunter wellies re-struck a cord.  I remember when that shot surfaced and I loved it.  Kate Moss truly is THE ultimate trend setter of our generation.  I pulled out my black vest from H&M and paired it with my Levi’s cut-offs, a silver necklace, and a pair of combat boots for my version of Kate’s look.  I also layered my lace body suit from American Apparel beneath it and added a belt from Joe Fresh.  Looking forward to the next concert I go to this summer!



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What to Pack: Traveling Shoes

In the past two days, two people asked me for advice on what to pack for a city vacation.  Having been in the midst of making my own packing lists for upcoming trips, I was excited to jump on the suggestion train.  I’ll start with footwear for this post.  I’m a firm believer that you have to be comfortable – especially when traveling, but you also want to look stylish.  Every time I go on a trip my Dad asks his famous question “did you pack your running shoes?”  I always respond with “no Dad, I have to look good.”  I can’t be seen wearing my Nike Airs with a skirt.  Can you imagine? The very thought makes me shudder.  So what shoes should you pack for a vacation?

I suggest packing canvas lace-up shoes in white or black, a pair of Bob’s in red or navy for a colour option, leather sandals with a tiny wedge for dressing up a bit, and a pair of fun flip-flops, in case you take a day trip to the city beach.  You can pack your runners if you plan to go running but for the city, opt for any of these comfortable options…

Lacoste sandal jelly thong – better than the standard shape of a flip flop, comfortable, and available in fun colours

Bob’s soft canvas slip on flats by Skechers $38 – feels like slippers, and Tom’s but half the price

White canvas shoes with laces removed.  These can be found anywhere from Ardene to H&M, Joe Fresh, and Payless. You shouldn’t pay more than $20

ShoeMint leather sandals with a tiny wedge – perfect for walking around and for a night out on the town


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Moonrise Kingdom

I saw Moonrise Kingdom the other day and can’t say enough good things about it.  Written and directed by Wes Anderson (who also did The Royal Tenenbaums, Rushmore, The Darjeeling Limited), it’s about two rebellious 12 year-olds who fall in love and run away which sparks a search party to go after them.  It’s set in the summer of 1965 on an island off the coast of New England.  It’s an adorable story with a quirky sense of humour.  It has a stacked cast, and feels very much like a play.  The most incredible thing about it is the attention to detail and how everything is so perfectly shot.  The sets, props, wardrobe, everything is so meticulous and amazing.  I love 1960s style so I was ooing and awing at everything.  The colours are amazing too.  Some people criticize that it’s too perfect and a distraction, but I really appreciated it.  You have to see it to judge for yourself.  Definitely worth seeing in the theatre.  JD

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Life is Beautiful

Extreme humidity is something I love.  The hotter the better.  But it also means I’ve given up on my hair.  There’s absolutely no way I can have my spaghetti hair draped along my neck. I. will. die. I keep wearing it in a high top bun – so high that it looks like a little hat on top of my head….like one of those fascinators.
Yesterday I found myself in a full H&M look – I didn’t mean to, it just happened.  Skirt, t-shirt, belt, and jacket are all from H&M.  Funny how that happens.  Booties are oldies from Capezio, and my purse is from Cole Haan. PS – I loved this wall I stumbled upon.  Life should always be pretty. JD


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Value Village Finds: White Leather Shoes

Shopping at Value Village aka VV Boutique is always better outside of the city, so I went on a mission and hit up VV north and south of the city.  I found some pretty sweet stuff.  My favourite find was a pair of never-been-worn white leather shoes.  Love them!! They have a perforated pattern pattered and are lace-up.  I also found this floral and lace swing top that I belted with a vintage gold belt I already owned.  I’m also wearing my yoga jeans by Second Denim that I can’t get enough of.  Sunglasses are from Opticianado – the coolest sunglasses store in town.  JD

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The Roxton

It’s evident by now I simply love hidden gems.  While The Roxton is not exactly hidden, it’s definitely a gem.  Located on Harboard St. near Ossingotn, it’s a perfect size spot with a street-side patio and a cozy, eclectic inside.  I think the building used to be part house, part wine making place.  I’m not exactly sure, but there’s an old sign that suggests it.  There isn’t a sign that says The Roxton, or if there is one – it’s very small and discreet, hence – the hidden part.  I went for drinks recently and enjoyed the patio first and when it became a bit chilly, we sat inside.  The service was spectacular for such a small little place.  The servers were friendly and on it.  In addition to good music, a great atmosphere, and a delicious menu, they have a games list which was unexpected and fun.  We played Connect Four while sipping our cocktails…a funny mix of childhood and mature-hood.  Even though I’ve only been here once, I keep suggesting it to people and will definitely be back.  It’s a great date place and good for a group of friends too.  Best of both worlds.  Check it out at 379 Harbord St.  JD


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City Island Hopping

Nikki was in town for a visit to Toronto, check out her post from the Island.  It’s one of my favourite things about this city.

Sometimes it takes living in another city to really appreciate the little things Toronto has to offer. One of those little things being Toronto Island. We all have memories of petting goats or taking the ferry, but I have not been in over ten years. I was in town with my English man in tow and we decided to rent bicycles on a random week-day to see the city from another angle. We rode around all three islands and even perved on the nude beach! Have you ever seen the residential area of Ward’s Island? Whimsical, is the only word to describe it. How do I get on that property ladder? I wore a dress/belt combo from none other than the Value Village. Shoes were second-hand brand new from Monsoon in the UK.

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