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Circus In The City

Life is not a beach in Toronto these days, but it is a circus.

I went to Dimmi Trattoria for lunch yesterday and after our meal the waiter randomly brought cotton candy to the table! It wasn’t on the menu, we didn’t order it, and he didn’t even say anything, he just brought us cotton candy and walked away as if it was a normal thing to get after a meal at an Italian restaurant. It came out on a stick and I kept wondering if they had a cotton candy machine in the back – they must right? how else do you get fluffy cotton candy on a stick? I think the last time I had cotton candy I was 6 years old and Crystal Beach amusement park still existed. Does anyone remember that place? The best!

Following lunch I went to Kitchen Stuff Plus (one of my favourite stores) to pick up a carrot peeler because mine mysteriously disappeared from my kitchen. An elephant caught my eye and I had to buy him. Not a real elephant but an elephant tea pot ($10). It’s so cute, and makes me think of Dumbo. Cheers to randomness. JD


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One Love

So I think by now it is obvious to most that I am not the average size 2 like most bloggers.  I shop to fit my size 8 frame and hope that I do a good job (pictures help determining that by the way).  Needless to say I wanted a good one piece for Maui and it is damn hard finding one!  Most are made for old ladies (no offence old ladies) and just don’t appeal to me.  The day before I left I went into H&M (naturally) for a hat and I saw this one piece from a distance.  I love the colour – reminds me of Bo Derek – and the cut-outs fit the times with cut-out dresses being all the rage.  It was a winner for me. CM


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Ordinary World

While CM is living it up in Hawaii, I’ve been keeping it real in the ordinary world.  This crazy Canuck weather is just KILLING me and the ability to graduate into cheerful Spring outfits. I’ve been wearing my giant grandma sweater a lot lately. It’s super cozy but I’m still puzzled that I bought it 5 sizes too big in high school.  I probably wanted it so badly and it was the only size left.

The other day I spontaneously went to the Duran Duran concert! A friend of mine got last minute tickets and I said “Hells Yes.”  You should have seen the beaute crowd composed of die-hard crazy fans, old cougars, bleached hair, boobs out, mullets, beer spillage, sweaty backs, what a sight. However the show was amazing!! My favourites were Ordinary World and Rio! If you’re not in Hawaii like CM, I hope you’re living it up in the ordinary world.  JD xx

Interesting fact: John Taylor (the bass guitarist) is married to Gela Nash, co-founder of Juicy Couture.


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Aloha friends, readers and creepers.  I have been in Maui for the past week enjoying the sun.  Not to rub it in to everyone who is unwillingly partaking in the daily grind but I have been doing nothing but eating (fish and Maui pineapples), drinking (Miller Chill and rum) and lying on the beach.  I haven’t worn makeup, used a blow dryer, or turned on an oven in 7 days.  Ahhh the life.  Every day has consisted of beaches – we visit a different Maui beach every morning – and then the pool.  This means a lot of heavy sunscreen but all is good.  Did I mention that I am within walking distance to an outdoor shopping mall that has everything a shopaholic could ask for?  Dangerous…but heaven at the same time.  I picked up a dress from Betsey Johnson that I cant wait to share with you. Think Andy Warhol on a dress.  CM

H&M dress and purse.  Jewellery from Banana Republic.

Me using protection while chowing down on shrimp and fish tacos.

Sunset from restaurant table in Lahina, Maui.

Me saying goodbye to make-up and hair dryers.  Fully dependent on Sally Hershberger’s Wavy Hair Style Primer and John Frieda’s Sheer Blonde Tousled Tresses.


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Royal Rendezvous

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending Miss Kelly’s royal wedding themed party.  Kelly is all things royal and her love for it got her a spot on The National discussing Kate Middleton’s fashion influence as well as her Royal Rendezvous party receiving a write-up in the Toronto Star.  Not too shabby considering this is her first soiree and the launch of her event company Post Events.   What a success it was! All guests showed up in their royal best – women in their best hats or facinators and the men looking dapper in their suits or kilts – yes kilts!  A telephone booth was set up as a photobooth and myself and the other guests took their turns living it up London style.  I wore a Forever 21 dress, facinator from Aldo, brooch and earrings from Banana Republic.  It may have been the best Saturday afternoon in the history of Saturday afternoons.  CM

Bucking Ham Sandwiches

Fish & Chips

Princess Pearl Cupcakes and Delightful Doughnuts

Double Decker Shortbread Cookies aka The Best Cookies I’ve Ever Had

Can’t forget the tea!


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Grey Toned

It seems that after a year of blogging I have failed to post my go-to work outfits.  I have a few of them!  A black, cotton dress from Joe Fresh (worn at least once a week), my khaki button down skirt with coloured tights and a Gap t-shirt (worn at least once a week) and this H&M print skirt.  If I’m having “one of those mornings” these three items are my comfortable go-tos.  I am wearing the H&M skirt with my Lauren Ralph Lauren denim shirt, H&M cardigan and Cole Haan boots.  CM

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Rudsak Fashion Show

We forgot to post these!  The Rudsak fashion show was pretty great last week at LG Fashion Week in Toronto.  These Canadian designed coats are the perfect combination of fashion and function.  I have an awesome Rudsak coat (see here), and I’d like to get another one soon.  They rock the boat. Go Canada! JD

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