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Blue Jean Baby

…LA lady. Seamstress for the band. Love that song and especially this scene from my favourite movie. Must re-watch soon. I didn’t learn my lesson with the heat wave and decided to wear my white jeans yet again!  Sometimes I get on a kick and wear the same things over and over.

Jeans are from Joe Fresh, top is an exceptional find from Value Village – it’s vintage Jacob! the tag looks like it could date back to 1990.  Sweetness.  Jean jacket is also a stellar find from Value Village – Vintage Levi’s!  I can’t take credit for it though, it was a gift from my BFF.  My favourite sky high heels are from Winners, belt is from a vintage shop, and my necklace is from Anthropologie.

Photography by Tania Alvarez



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Red Checker

Don’t ask me why I bundled up with a blazer and dress shirt on a day hotter than Kenya.  Actually I ditched the blazer and unbuttoned the top button, but still – it was a bit ridiculous.  I saw my white jeans sitting on a pile of jeans and got the urge to wear them. My jeans are from Joe Fresh ($29), red checker top is from Value Village, blazer is from Zara, shoes are from Winners, and purse is from Cole Haan.  New summer rule for me – no. more. pants!  JD

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Play Me, I’m Yours

Yesterday I decided to eat my lunch in the Village of Yorkville park, and I saw a colourful piano that said “Play Me, I’m Yours.”  Within minutes someone sat down and played a few great tunes, another person followed up with more music, and another! It wasn’t planned, it was literally just a piano sitting there for randoms to play.  I thought ‘what an amazing idea, the city should have more of these.’  Turns out we do.  I did a little Google search and there are 41 pianos spread across the city as part of an art installation to celebrate the three-year count down to 2015 Pan American Games.  You can read the full article here that was published in the Star.  After I ate my burger and quinoa salad (leftovers from the weekend), I got the courage to play a tune of my own.  Fact: I used to play the organ and was quite good back in the day, but I can’t read music anymore. SAD.  I still remember some stuff by ear, but taking lessons again is on my bucket list.

There’s a video too – just trying to figure out my iMovie. Also on my bucket list!


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Circle Skirt and Big Shoulders

While I’d rather be pool side in a bathing suit today, I had to get dressed for work.  It’s hard to dress appropriate for an office while being comfortable in this crazy heat.  I opted for a flowy circle skirt from Forever 21 ($18), and a grey v-neck t-shirt with big shoulders – also from F21 ($13).  I accessorized with vintage  green earrings ($3), a gold belt ($10), and my clogs from Banana Republic ($23).  I get so satisfied when my entire outfit costs less than $100.  If Supermarket Sweep came back in the form of shopping for clothes instead of groceries, I think I’d rock it.

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Little Vintage Dress

I bought this little vintage dress a while back and I still love it.  I wore it to Garde Manger in Montreal last week, which was a really great restaurant in Old Montreal.  It’s small so make a reservation well in advance!  I paired the dress with a clutch from the GAP, a vintage gold belt, and my ShoeMint sandals.  Click here to see a little video of me deciding whether or not to buy this dress. So random, haha

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Tourist In The City

After a few glorious days in Montreal, we came back to the city and continued our vacation.  It’s fun to play tourist in your own city.  We hit a Jays game, went to Canada’s Wonderland, ate delicious food at St. Lawrence Market, and discovered some amazing beaches just outside of the city – one was Bluffer’s Park Beach at the foot of the Scarborough Bluffs – which is a sight not to be missed.  It’s a little far east, but worth the trek at least once this summer.  It’s extremely sandy, the water is safe to swim in, and the backdrop of huge cliffs makes you feel worlds away from the city.  The other beach was Humber Bay Shores along the Lakeshore path.  Cross the white bridge and keep riding your bike about 10 minutes west until you find a rock that says ‘reconciliation.’  It’s an incredible spot that feels like cottage country.  The water is crystal clear and amazing.  Both spots are great alternatives to the island and the beaches.

Amazing shot my friend took – the sky was purple!

Bluffers Park Beach, Scarborough Buffs

Cross this bridge along the Lakeshore path and keep heading west to find amazing inlets of beaches

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Favourite Spots in Montreal

I’ve been to Montreal a handful of times but this was the first trip that I really explored a lot, weaving in and out of side streets on Bixi bikes, and taking the metro around to local spots.
Being there for Jazz Fest was pretty amazing.  I had no idea it was the biggest jazz fest in the world.  There were about 7 stages on the grounds with free shows playing every hour on the hour from noon to midnight.  It was quite the scene attracting hundreds of thousands of people from locals to tourists and artists from around the world.
Other highlights included the Jean Tallon market – a giant outdoor market in Little Italy.  Felt like a market in Europe!
I finally went to Schwartz’s for a smoked meat sandwich and Fairmont Bagels – I absolutely loved how authentic they were.  For restaurants we went to Au Pied Du Cochon and Garde Manger – two of Montreal’s most desired spots.  They were ridiculous from the locations, to the vibe, to the food, everything was fantabulous.
We stayed at Hotel Zero 1 – a cute boutique hotel in a perfect spot, just around the corner from Jazz Fest.

Jazz Fest

Jazz Fest

Jean Tallon Market

Au Pied Du Cochon

Yes I actually ate it and it was crazy delicious

Schwartz’s Deli

I actually ate this too! Smoked Meat Sandwich

Fairmont Bagels

Vino on the roof top of our Hotel (Hotel Zero 1)

Forgot to mention I went back to Le Scandinave Spa in Old Montreal and I’m so glad I did.  I have never been to a more relaxing and awesome spa ever. YOU HAVE TO GO!

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