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Blue Jean Baby

…LA lady. Seamstress for the band. Love that song and especially this scene from my favourite movie. Must re-watch soon. I didn’t learn my lesson with the heat wave and decided to wear my white jeans yet again!  Sometimes I get on a kick and wear the same things over and over.

Jeans are from Joe Fresh, top is an exceptional find from Value Village – it’s vintage Jacob! the tag looks like it could date back to 1990.  Sweetness.  Jean jacket is also a stellar find from Value Village – Vintage Levi’s!  I can’t take credit for it though, it was a gift from my BFF.  My favourite sky high heels are from Winners, belt is from a vintage shop, and my necklace is from Anthropologie.

Photography by Tania Alvarez



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Red Checker

Don’t ask me why I bundled up with a blazer and dress shirt on a day hotter than Kenya.  Actually I ditched the blazer and unbuttoned the top button, but still – it was a bit ridiculous.  I saw my white jeans sitting on a pile of jeans and got the urge to wear them. My jeans are from Joe Fresh ($29), red checker top is from Value Village, blazer is from Zara, shoes are from Winners, and purse is from Cole Haan.  New summer rule for me – no. more. pants!  JD

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Inspired By Festival Season

Yesterday I read an article about (music) festival attire in Fashion magazine and the image of Kate Moss wearing a vest and jean shorts with hunter wellies re-struck a cord.  I remember when that shot surfaced and I loved it.  Kate Moss truly is THE ultimate trend setter of our generation.  I pulled out my black vest from H&M and paired it with my Levi’s cut-offs, a silver necklace, and a pair of combat boots for my version of Kate’s look.  I also layered my lace body suit from American Apparel beneath it and added a belt from Joe Fresh.  Looking forward to the next concert I go to this summer!


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What to Pack: Traveling Shoes

In the past two days, two people asked me for advice on what to pack for a city vacation.  Having been in the midst of making my own packing lists for upcoming trips, I was excited to jump on the suggestion train.  I’ll start with footwear for this post.  I’m a firm believer that you have to be comfortable – especially when traveling, but you also want to look stylish.  Every time I go on a trip my Dad asks his famous question “did you pack your running shoes?”  I always respond with “no Dad, I have to look good.”  I can’t be seen wearing my Nike Airs with a skirt.  Can you imagine? The very thought makes me shudder.  So what shoes should you pack for a vacation?

I suggest packing canvas lace-up shoes in white or black, a pair of Bob’s in red or navy for a colour option, leather sandals with a tiny wedge for dressing up a bit, and a pair of fun flip-flops, in case you take a day trip to the city beach.  You can pack your runners if you plan to go running but for the city, opt for any of these comfortable options…

Lacoste sandal jelly thong – better than the standard shape of a flip flop, comfortable, and available in fun colours

Bob’s soft canvas slip on flats by Skechers $38 – feels like slippers, and Tom’s but half the price

White canvas shoes with laces removed.  These can be found anywhere from Ardene to H&M, Joe Fresh, and Payless. You shouldn’t pay more than $20

ShoeMint leather sandals with a tiny wedge – perfect for walking around and for a night out on the town


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TO Contributor: Lindsay 2

It’s contributor Friday! Check out Lindsay’s 2nd post…

As I am new to Seven Dollar Pants I thought I would catch you up on all things Lindsay in a few quick points in no particular order.

I love a good deal.
I’m kinda obsessed with interior design and lipstick.
My dream is to own a Great Dane who will believe he is a lap dog and hang out with me on my turquoise couch.
I love a good bun, it always does the trick when I’m having a lazy hair day (the sock bun continually saves my life).
DIY arm swag is my vice.
I’m grumpy in the morning if I don’t get my Capital Espresso.
I wear boots all the time, no matter what season – they are my go to.
My real name is Jennifer, people like to call me Jenny from the block.
Outfit details: Joe Fresh shirt, Gap sweater, Top Shop jeans and boots, arm swag – combination of DIY, Top Shop and The Bay. Favorite new lipstick – Nicki Minaj by MAC.
Vintage Couch
Top Shop
Gap sweater + Joe Fresh blouse
DIY + Top Shop + The Bay

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Pink Lady

Speaking of leopard print tights (in my previous post), here I am wearing them again with a charcoal coloured angle cut skirt from Zara and bright pink blazer from Zara as well.  Boots are from Top Shop, and I finished the look off with a vintage belt and necklace.
My sunglasses are a new and exciting addition to my eyewear collection.  I have never owned proper sunglasses because I could never decide what to get, and I’ve always been too afraid of breaking or losing them.  This pair is from an AMAZING eyewear store called Opticianado located in the Junction.  They specialize in iconic unused vintage eyewear (mine), as well as contemporary independent designers. They have such a unique selection that definitely stands out from all the others.  Check it out at 2919 Dundas St. W.  JD

Photography by Tania Alvarez


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The Floral Blazer

The floral blazer is one of my top must haves for the spring season.  I was on the hunt for the perfect floral blazer for quite some time and finally approved of this one the moment I saw it on Aritzia’s website.  It was a birthday gift to myself.  I paired it with my Levi’s cut offs, grey tights from Joe Fresh, and a basic white t-shirt from Zara.  Cole Haan shoes and a black vintage purse complete the look.  I hope to get a lot of wear out of this one.  JD

Photography by Tania Alvarez


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