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Favourite Loop

Sunday’s weather was THE BEST.  I hope everyone was outside to enjoy it.  I did my favourite loop — a stroll down Ossington, Queen West, Trinity Bellwoods Park, and Kensignton Market. Stopping in and out of stores and coffee shops along the way, finishing with a few groceries in Kensington. Something sad to report – Badlands Vintage on Ossington closed, you know the one with the huge downstairs. Sad to see it go.
I finally went into the newish vintage store called Used at Queen and Spadina. The name is pretty awesome because most people use nicer words like “vintage” or “thrifted” but guess what? It’s used! It was pretty decent, and the prices were normal. There’s nothing I hate more than expensive vintage…unless it’s a designer dress of some sort. I will make an exception when I find my perfect Betty Draper dress. I know exactly what it should look like – just haven’t found it yet.  JD

Trinity Bellwoods Park

I never knew Cabaret had a basement. Loved this bar/mannequin.

Random Fox head




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Until The End of the World

Many crazy people believed the world was going to end this weekend, so we decided to live by this quote “Let’s party like the world is ending Saturday and continue partying when it doesn’t.”

We finally got a taste of REAL summer and what a glory it was.  We gathered a group of friends for a picnic and some bocce in the park and it turned out to be an awesome afternoon.  Trinity Bellwoods Park was filled with people relaxing, playing games, and just loving life.  I love when the park is packed – it reminds me of a busy beach. We had food, tunes, sunshine, and good people. What more could you ask for?

We also went to the Lykke Li concert at the Phoenix and it was just amazing.  Her music is the best to begin with, but seeing it live made me feel it in my veins. The beat of the drums combined with Lykke’s unique voice, outfit choices and dance moves easily make her the coolest chic out of Sweden. We love the Swedes – Lykke, Robyn, and Elin! I think a Seven Dollar Pants trip to Stockholm is in order.

And of course a great weekend wouldn’t be complete without milkshakes and mimosas a la Lakeview.  Good times all around. Glad the world is still here. Slow clap. JD

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This is the Heartbreak Hotel

My friend and I were walking down Queen street and she stopped in front of the gorgeous heritage house across from Trinity Bellwoods Park and said “I’ve NEVER noticed that house.”  I was shocked because she’s lived in the city longer than I have, and I notice it every time I walk by.  Later that day, another friend came across a big storage closet at work and said “I NEVER knew this existed.”  Shocked again, I thought how could this be?

Then came my turn.  The next day I was walking down Queen street and I happened to look above the Hero Burger and noticed an old sign that said Hotel Heartbreak.  I am very familiar with this area and I have NEVER noticed it before!  What a bizarre feeling.  Life is full of funny little surprises.  Does that ever happen to you?  JD

And for those who now have Whitney Houston’s Heartbreak Hotel in their head….hit it!


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Speaking of Fall

You know how people make fun of Canadians for talking about the weather?  I’m so the person who talks about the weather, but guess what?  I don’t care!  Tease away….

We didn’t get the Indian summer we hoped for, but we got the best Indian Fall day yesterday…not sure if that’s even a term.  In any case, I was loving every minute of the 18 degree weather, as I strolled in my trench coat and thin leggings.

I had to stop to capture the trees on my walk through Trinity Bellwoods Park.  So pretty.  I went walking for a good hour and broke into a mini sweat by the end of it.  Let’s hear it for freakishly warm weather days when it’s not supposed to be warm!  Giddy-up.  JD

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A Walk In The Park

I took a stroll through Trinity Bellwoods Park yesterday.  Best park ever!  Toronto has a lot of great parks, but this one is the greatest.  I’ve always lived within walking distance to Trinity Bellwoods so maybe I’m a little biased.
It’s sad that the temperature is dropping but to put a positive spin on it – I’m looking forward to wearing my trench coat and leather leggings.  I always feel like some sort of detective or a James Bond girl when I wear my trench – I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of it.  Underneath my trench is a t-shirt from Joe Fresh; denim chambray shirt from Zara; and leather leggings from American Apparel.  My gold necklace came from a Thrift shop in Port Colborne; and this coolio zebra purse came from a vintage clothing sale ($5).  My beloved shoes came from a boutique in France.  Best purchase ever.  I like the wooden soles.  What is your favourite park in the city?  JD


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Golden Turtle

It was such a beautiful day in Toronto so I took a walk through Trinity Bellwoods Park and made my way over to Golden Turtle Restaurant on Ossington. First can I tell you that I just LOVE Trinity Bellwoods Park. I’ve lived a stones throw from it for the past 5 years so I’m partial to think it’s the best park in the city. It’s great for people watching, throwing a frisbee, playing tennis, or just hanging out with your dog. I don’t have a dog, but if I did I would take him there everyday. Trinity Bellwoods definitely has some stylish, weird, and interesting people who hang around. I saw this rough and tough guy – shaved head, tattoos, mustache, riding a bike with a tiny delicate dog sitting in a pouch hanging from the handle bars wearing sunglasses!! yes, the DOG was wearing little doggy sunglasses. What a bizarre sighting. I wasn’t quick enough with my camera but I’m going to be on the look out for this guy because you won’t believe me until you see it.


Here I am comfy cozy in my Vince riding pants, Century 21 jazz shoes ($30), chambray shirt from Zara ($45), nautical knit from Joe Fresh ($12), belt from a clothing swap ($0), and my friendship purse from I Miss You Vintage ($8). My Vince pants are not budget but they were a gift!

Golden Turtle is known for having the most delicious Pho in the city. This place is one of those no frills divey places that has amazing food for next to nothing. This big bowl of pho was about $5…I think I’ll be back in a few days, I find Vietnamese food so addictive. What’s your favourite divey restaurant in the city? Do share! JD


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