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Nude on Nude

As much as I like mixing patterns and colours, I also like the simplicity of monochromatic outfits.  This is an almost full H&M look.  Skirt, top, and headband are from H&M, scarf is handmade from Argentina, and shoes are vintage.  C’est tout.  JD



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Flying Saucer

A friend sent me a forward today – one of those motivational type slide shows with images of flowers and quotes. One of the slides said to take 5 minutes out of your day to just sit in silence, so that’s what I did when I got home. The weather was a bit wonky going from sunny to rainy to cloudy but I got my 5 minutes in there – just me and my favourite flying saucer chair. My friends and I got this chair from the motel we stayed at after our senior Prom in high school. My friend backed her GMC Jimmy up to the room and I threw it in her trunk. Ok so we stole it. Confessional moment. I see these types of chairs in trendy furniture stores on Queen street and they’re trying to sell them for well over $200! Seriously? It’s a plastic chair. So here I am enjoying the weather until something came along and ruined the moment….

Another random cat in the neighbourhood! If you read my post on Mr. Bojangles you know I’m not a fan of cats. I think this one looks like Toonces the driving cat from SNL. Please tell me you remember Toonces! JD


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Rose Thorn

Roses on my desk

Rose belt

Le full outfit

I acquired these lovely roses from a recent work event and they’ve been sitting pretty on my desk for the past few days. It’s funny how colourful flowers just make you smile. I guess it’s a girl thing.
They inspired me to bust out my purple rose belt ($10) that I got from a random accessories store on Yonge street called Glamourous Place. My sea-foam coloured top is from Zara ($19), and polka dot skort ($5) is from a clothing yard sale I went to at Queen and Dovercourt on the weekend. They had ton of great vintage and brand new items all under $10. My charm necklace is from Spring shoes and it was on sale for $7. Lace-up booties are from Spring shoes as well for $29. I’m still not brave enough for bare legs so I wore my black fishnets. Have you ditched your tights yet? JD


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