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Weekend Warrior

Last Sunday, I dressed myself from the head down.  I found this hat in the Men’s section at H&M for $2.  Big score!  Next I put on this t-shirt I got from The Bay for $15.  The t-shirt is as light as silk and so soft it feels like second skin.  The necklace is from VV Boutique in Burlington (Value Village) and was $5.  Boyfriend jean shorts are from H&M ($13) and my boots are from Spring ($70).  My bag is a great oldie purchased from Forever 21 when I was still in high school.  I bring it out every summer.  Not sure why I limit it to one season?  CM



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SMUT Soiree with Lainey Gossip

We were at the 5th annual SMUT Soiree last night at Audi Downtown where the night was filled with lots of sugar, girly cocktails, cars we dream about, gossip, and good times with friends.  The highlight of the event featured a panel discussion with Canada’s queen of gossip – Lainey from Lainey Gossip, along with Dan Levy from MTV Canada and George Pimental – a celeb photographer who knows a thing or two about the stars. Between the three of them, they had a lot of inside scoop and shared some funny stories. Very entertaining. We particularly enjoyed Dan’s one liners!  Here are a few shots from the night….

Maynards candy was a sponsor of the event, along with The Bay and Fashion Magazine. Candy was EVERYWHERE! We’re still dizzy from the sugar high.

Sweet wheels.

Lainey, Dan, and George.

With the lovely Lainey.

Planning a getaway with Ashleigh. We were hoping someone would give us the keys, but no such luck.

With Dan Levy…we love his glasses!  Tomorrow we’ll be dishing on our budget party outfits – we love to dress up! JD & CM xo


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Queen Fresh

I haven’t gone grocery shopping in about 2 months now which is kinda bad. I’ve been grabbing bites here, there and everywhere as I run from meetings to events to my next adventure – I’m always on the go. I don’t feel too bad when it’s a healthy option but that’s hard to come by. I thought this baby warrior bowl from Fresh on Queen street would’ve made the cut, but it just tasted like grass and rotten tofu. Definitely not as delicious as the Craft Burger I had the other day or the spicy pad thai I tried at Red Room. Don’t get me wrong, Fresh on Queen is amazing and they have a lot of great options, but this one just isn’t the greatest.

I decided to forget about my lunch and do something a little more fulfilling — search for vintage cut-off jean shorts. And guess what? I found them! To be revealed at a later date. This is my strolling the street look. High waist, pleated pants are from Zara, fringe sandals are from Spring Shoes, crop top is from America Apparel – oh yes you read that correctly – CROP TOP! Loving the 90s comeback. My moto-inspired jacket is from H&M, purse was found on the street, sunglasses were my grandpa’s, and my pop of coral light weight scarf is from The Bay, or La Baie if you are French. JD


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If ever you are looking for the perfect outfit to transition from a bikers Harley to the office this is the one.  I was almost hoping, on this particular morning walking to work, that a bad-a#@ biker was going to pull up beside me and say, “Wanna ride sweet thing?”.  I would have put on my pink helmet and been off covering the best three city blocks of my life!  Sigh, it didn’t happen.

Here I am office ready.  Jacket is from Club Monaco on Bloor Street and H&M top was purchased on Bloor.   My skirt was purchased at Suzy Shier in Calgary for $10.  Shoes were found at The Bay in Burlington for $12 and necklace is from Forever 21 on Yonge Street for $8.  CM


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The Striped Blazer

I was finally able to make my way over to Hero Burger this week.  Since opening a new location on the corner of Church and Wellesley, the joint has been packed for weeks with lines stretching to the door.  In this pic I was talking about how crazy the $10 hamburger phenomenon has become in T.O.  Seriously though, they are everywhere.

A few weeks back I picked up this jacket at H&M, Eaton Centre location, when they had their sale on jackets and blazers. All were reduced by $15 so after the discount it came to $25.  Ah-mazing. T-shirt is from Zara on Bloor St. and jeans from Uniqlo.

Some boys have compared this jacket with Beetlejuice’s and I’m cool with that.  I actually like to think of it as a reverse mullet – long in the front and short in the back.

The wedge shoes were a good find at The Bay in Burlington.  They cost $12.

I can’t believe I’m actually sharing with you my dire need for a pedicure.

Hero burger was delish.  I got the onion rings and my date got fries.  Next time I will skip both (they were just meh) and get just the burger.  The toppings alone are like a side dish anyway.  CM


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Oh Canada!

Dressing the part is something we know all women do and most know there are no boundaries for this;  even when it comes to athletics.  No…we’re serious.  Here we are dressed in HBC Olympic hats gearing up for the Opening Ceremonies tonight!  Both are found at The Bay for under $20.  How do the hats and mittens fit into our budget?  They were gifts from a friend who works for HBC within the Olympic sponsorship team.  Gotta love free stuff!



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