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Back in Canada

I left wild China and I’m back in glorious Canada. As an open minded, curious, and travel savvy person, living in Shanghai was nothing short of adventurous with ups and downs. It opened my eyes to a world I really didn’t know much about. I learned so much about different cultures, expat life, the working world in China, the digital world, the shopping world, and a lot more that I could tell you about over tea one day.

China is a hard place to adapt to, but my experiences will stay with me forever. I gained true life and work experience and I learned to tap into patience in times of chaos. The best part was that I got to see a lot of Asia including Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Philippines. I look back on my pictures and I still can’t believe I saw all of that.

It’s difficult to describe everyday life to friends and family. I’ve shared some stories, but nothing could truly capture the daily things I saw, unless I had a video camera glued to my forehead. I should have tried that.

Seeing a family of three zip by on a motorbike is a daily sight I’ll definitely miss. Not to mention indulging in the local food stalls. Chinese food will never be the same.

Even though you were crazy Shanghai, I’ll always hold a special place for you in my heart.

IMG_9365Quite possibly the hottest day of my life. There are no words.IMG_9554The side car tour of Shanghai is an interesting and really fun way to see the city

Ladies in the park doing their thing
The historical staircase at my work
Old roof tops that give Shanghai its charm
Exploring one of the many areas being torn down for new development
An amazing participatory art project I organized for work
Roof top view
Last night celebrating before taking off to tour Asia


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Travel: San Fransisco

Over the Thanksgiving long weekend, we went to San Fransisco. It was my first time there and I just loved the look of it…the store fronts, old signs, trolleys, and cool neighbourhoods.
The weather was that perfect sunny California weather I dream about, and I learned that October is the best time to go because it’s the peak of their best summer weather. The weekend couldn’t have been more action packed — America’s cup was happening, it was fleet week, there was a big football game, a blue grass music festival, a parade in Little Italy, AND President Obama was staying at our hotel!! True story. We didn’t see him, but everything was on crazy lock down. Security guards everywhere. It was so interesting to see.
A great Italian restaurant we went to was Delfina that I highly recommend, and we ate delicious sushi and Mexican at random spots. China Town and Little Italy were highlights, and I especially loved North Beach area. It just had a really cool vibe. One thing I would NOT recommend, is going only for a weekend. It’s too far from Toronto to go for 3 days, and the worst decision I made was taking the red eye home. Not glam. A few pics…

SF Airport 2Old school kicks at the airport | KangaROOS

SanFran_collageGolden Gate beauty | delicious lunch at the market | Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival

SF Castro_TrolleyAmazing movie combo at the Castro theatre – Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure and Beetlejuice!

Full House2Had to find Full House
SanFran parkSunny day at the park


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Paper Bag Principessa

Hanging with the tulips and lilies outside the Windsor Arms Hotel in Toronto

I’ve shown you this skirt before here. It’s my Joe Fresh paper bag princess skirt and is a fantastic basic that allows me to switch things up without looking like I’m wearing the same thing over. I paired it with this polka dot top and one of my favourite belts – both from MMC (my mom’s collection).

This is a great example of something ugly that I love. This belt buckle is downright hideous, but yet it just works wonderfully with so many outfits. One of my fave 80s belts!

I’m so not ready for bare legs just yet so I wore my nude fishnets instead. These are a good option when you’re sick of your wintery black and grey tights, but not brave enough to bare your gams. I also opted to wear my comfy flat jazz shoes from Century 21 because I couldn’t bring myself to wearing heels…my feet were happy. JD


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