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An Invisible Light

My head to toe charcoal and black outfit was fitting for this non-sunny day last week. I know I said I was going to wear more colour this winter, but some days I don’t mind dressing in dark colours.  I just have to be sure to switch it up to avoid the gloomy feeling.

* Chunky knit cardigan by Dex (from Winners)
* Silk shirt and belt from Joe Fresh
* Motorcycle leggings by Domino
* Headband from H&M
* Winter boots from Town Shoes



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Gym Clothes Are For The Gym

I contemplated wearing yoga pants and a hooded sweatshirt on this lazy Sunday but I decided I could wear comfortable clothes without looking like I was headed to the gym, so I wore this instead, and was equally as comfortable.

I bought this lady-like hat in Australia years ago and it’s by Kangol.  It’s one of those purchases I love and never really wear, but will hold on to forever.

I’m also wearing:
* Distressed jeans, Joe Fresh ($29)

* Charcoal top with lace shoulders, Winners ($19)
* Dex chunky knit sweater, Winners ($24)
* Cowboy boots, vintage store on Dundas ($10)

Next time you’re temped to leave the house in “house clothes” (as Italians in Italy would say), reach for a pair of jeans and a knit sweater instead – you’ll feel like less of a bum and you’ll be glad you did.  JD

This is my “hurry up and take the picture, I’m so cold” dance.
Thanks for taking the pics Mom! xo


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Battle of the Blades

As CM mentioned, we were recently invited to a taping of the hit CBC show Battle of the Blades.  For those that don’t know what the show is about – it’s kind of like Dancing with the Stars but with professional figure skaters and ex-NHL hockey players.  The show has gained a lot of attention and is aired in the US as well.  Go Canada!  The performances were great, and I especially loved the Bollywood Slumdog Millionaire routine performed by Shae-Lynn Bourne and Patrice Brisebois.  The outfits were vibrant and fun, and Patrice was the nicest to look at of the male contenders.  You can catch Battle of the Blades every Sunday and Monday at 8 pm on CBC.

I wore my new Roots socks to the show and I was quite impressed by them.  Yes, even socks excite me!  I like the look of great socks poking out the tops of boots, and not only did they look good but they were extremely warm too.  Perfect for the studio arena we were in.

I also wore:
* Denim jeggings, Costa Blanca
* Denim shirt, Zara
* Chunky knit cardigan, DEX (Winners)
* Old man driving cap, Kensington Market
* Lace-up boots, H&M

And this is my deer caught in headlights look (wasn’t ready for the camera!)….. JD


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The Chunky Knit Cardigan

Do you ever buy the same piece of clothing over and over again until you get it right?
I’ve bought about 5 grey sweaters in the past year but they haven’t been quite what I was looking for – until I found this one.  It has just the right look – a draped effect but fitted too, a nice pattern of knit, and it isn’t too bulky that it looks like a grandma sweater.  It’s by DEX Clothing and I found it last week at Winners on Bloor for $24. JD

I’m also wearing:
* My old man driving cap, Kensington Market $11
* Silk boyfriend shirt, Joe Fresh $39
* Tapered cargo pant, Union Bay from Alloy.com $60 (after tax and shipping)
* Lace-up boots, H&M $69
* Leather moto-gloves, Aldo $24
* Cashmere scarf by Arnold Brant (gift)


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