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I Spy With My Little Eye

After The Stills concert, CM & I stumbled upon a very old and very cool jalopy of a truck in the Distillery District – perfect backdrop for my military green dress.  I got this last week at Winners on Bloor for $50.  It’s actually by the same brand as this dress here.  I like that military green is a big colour for fall because my eyes are a hazel-greenish colour and I’ve been meaning to buy something in this shade for a while.  If you’re tired you’re supposed to wear something similar to your eyes to make you look un-tired.  I think it works too.
My perforated high heel shoes are by Dollhouse also from Winners on Bloor, and my necklace came from a vintage market in Belgium for 4 euro.  The dad-like Casio watch I’m wearing is from a little boutique found in Le Marais quarter of Paris.  I originally spotted it at Collette for double the price — glad I didn’t make an impulse purchase there.  When it gets a little colder I’ll wear this dress with polka dot tights and a leather jacket.  JD

PS – click here to listen to one of my favourite songs – Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes.



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