Travel: Hong Kong

At long last I finally visited Hong Kong for a weekend! And what a wonderful weekend it was. It had been on my trip list for 10 years ever since my Dad went and told me I would love it. Hong Kong is amazing and truly lived up to my expectations. A very cool city filled with excitement, lots of shopping, beautiful vistas and good food. To me, it felt like a cross between New York, San Francisco and Vancouver.

New York for its bustling action, memorable taxis, and delicious restaurants. San Francisco because of the cool neon signs, and hilly city landscape. And Vancouver because it is mountainous and rains a lot.

Unfortunately it rained a whole lot during our three-day stay, but it didn’t put a damper on my love for the city. Truly a ‘must visit’ place for all the city lovers out there.

IMG_7682Hotel Indigo in Wanchai – a great place to stay

IMG_7683I loved this side street in SoHo, it looked like a movie set

IMG_7815Skyline view from the ferry

IMG_7706Ted’s Lookout…cool little corner in Wanchai

IMG_7712Pretty street in Wanchai. The streets in this area are called Sun, Moon, Ship and Star :)

IMG_7793Man Mo Temple on Hollywood Road

HK streetsTypical street view with lots of outdoor stairs
JD in HKAt the top of Victoria Peak, so foggy we didn’t see the famous view. A reason to go back!


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