Events In The City

Moving to a new city where the only person you know is your bf is kind of strange. How do you even begin to integrate into the industry and social circles you’re used to? I didn’t know anything about Shanghai before we decided to move here. I didn’t know anyone who lived here or even visited.

But a funny thing happened as we told people about the move – the six degrees of separation theory really worked in our favour. There were a handful of friends who knew someone, who knew someone living in Shanghai.
I started by meeting up with those people and it was a chain reaction from there.

By the third week I met a stylist, a fashion designer, a few publicists and editors…which led to attending some great events in the city. I attended the Lane Crawford launch party (Hong Kong’s most popular multi-brand retailer opened up a huge flagship store here), the Vera Wang fashion show (which was part of Shanghai fashion week), the Autumn Fair fashion and art market, and I took part in a Gatsby-themed shoot for a new speakeasy in town, The Boulevard.

It’s interesting to see how events roll out on the other side of the world…not a whole lot different from Toronto with the exception of a few quirky details, and a lot more people. Here’s a glimpse..

Lane Crawford launch party

Outfit: silk top (Zara), boyfriend jeans (GAP), leather moto jacket (H&M), heels (Vince), vintage purse

IMG_4401The Bumby’s were a hit…masked artists who judge your appearance leaving you with a typed note of their appraisal IMG_4403With one of Shanghai’s top emerging fashion designers, Nicole ZhangIMG_4420Vera Wang runway show  IMG_4437Dreamy flowing gowns + fierce Asian modelsIMG_4871Autumn Fair artist and fashion marketIMG_4293Behind the scenes shoot for The Boulevard speakeasy


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  1. Vikash

    Jules, you seem to be settling into the city very well. Keep up the good work and have fun! Vb

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