Travel: Algonquin

Before I start blogging about life in Shanghai, I’m going to take a look back on the happenings of last year…mainly travel spots. Back in September I went camping in Algonquin. I use the word camping lightly — we actually stayed in a cottage for 2 nights and camped in the woods for one night. Back in high school I joined the Outdoors Club and did a camping trip in Algonquin and absolutely loved it. I thought I was a ‘camper’ from that one trip and I always wanted to go camping again, but it never happened. Until this particular weekend. Let’s just say I’m not a camper anymore. I love the outdoors, hiking, swimming, and even cliff jumping — but I can do without sleeping in a tent.
Algonquin is so pretty and makes me feel very Canadian.

Algonquin collageAlgonquin_motorcycles

Algonquin waterfall



Algonquin2Outfit: vintage Levi’s cutoffs | fringe tank from Urban Outfitters



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4 responses to “Travel: Algonquin

  1. Jennifer

    I still like sleeping in a tent and I wasn’t in the Outdoors Club. :)

  2. I joined the outdoors club because they boy I had a crush on was in it. Our first trip I remember being so cold at night, and so dirty in the morning that I never attempted it again.

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