Gatsby The Great

Clearly I’ve been missing for quite some time. I’ve been tied up to the max with work. I miss you blog. But more on that later, as I plan to get back on the train.
Tonight I went to the pre-screening of The Great Gatsby and I left the theater fully inspired!! Inspired to dress-up more often, inspired to party more, and inspired to listen to new music – especially Lana del Ray (love her).
I hardly ever go to the movies and I hardly ever sit through a movie at home. I get sleepy, or I can’t sit still, or I just don’t like it enough.
I went into Gatsby thinking it was going to be long and just ok, and it was long, but it was captivating.
I read the book in high school and I’m not going to say the book was better because 1) I hate when people try to sound smart by saying they liked the book better and 2) I couldn’t even remember it that well, so the movie was definitely better. I absolutely loved the costumes and the perfect cast and how gorgeous everything looked, including dreamy Leonardo DiCaprio. I wore a Gatsby-inspired outfit – a cream coloured knit top with a cream coloured crochet skirt, and lots of accessories – pearls, bracelets, rings, and earrings.
I definitely recommend going to see this movie, it won’t disappoint.


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