Vintage Flowers

I was in a rush to leave the city one Friday and out of the corner of my eye I noticed Starling – a new vintage store on College St. (west of Dufferin).  In a matter of minutes I found this floral dress for $20.  There’s nothing I love more than a well kept vintage shop, and this place is definitely that.  They sell really cute dresses and a lot of other eye catching items at fair prices.
I’m also wearing my grandma’s necklaces, vintage earrings & bag, lace-up boots by Bass, and my most exciting accessory – my new bike by Beater Bikes.  It’s the most comfortable ride, and I’ve been all over town with it.  I call it the green machine.  JD

Photography by Tania Alvarez



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9 responses to “Vintage Flowers

  1. Ahmahkyah

    I love the frock and shoes. I checked out the stores etsy page. I don’t see any $20 dresses….

  2. ad

    That definitely was a good find! Looks fabulous on you! XOX

  3. Great find! Love that dress! I’ll have to check out that vintage store.

  4. Amanda

    Hey! Where did you find your Bass boots? I’m in Toronto too, but can’t find them anywhere! Thanks!

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