Melting in Manhattan

Part deux of my vacation was unexpected.  We were on our way to the airport from Brooklyn (or so I thought) when the cab driver took an obscure route right through the city’s core.  I started to panic and thought we were going to miss our flight.  I was sure he was taking us for a ride to jolt the cab fare, and just as my temper started to rise, we pulled up at The Ace Hotel.  The boy told me to get out because we were staying a little bit longer. I jumped for joy.  I had never been surprised like that before.  To think I was heading home and suddenly get 2 more days in NYC — now that’s what I call a rad surprise.  The Ace Hotel definitely tops the chart for the coolest hotel I’ve ever experienced.  The decor, design, staff, and details are beyond clever and impeccable.

The Ace Hotel

The hangers at The Ace Hotel

We spent our extra days strolling the best parts of the city – West Village, Nolita, SoHo, and Lower East Side.  We also walked the Highline Park and had a little picnic in Central Park.  And by picnic I mean we picked up some cherries and watermelon from the closest deli, and sat on a blanket given to us by German tourists. Worked for me.

Shopping highlights included getting deals at the 5th Ave. Joe Fresh store (go Canada), Barney’s, Madewell, Uniqlo, and SoHo street vendors. Everything was on sale!

During the day we stopped for a Mexican snack at the coolest garage converted restaurant ever – Tacombi at Fonda Nolita.  At night we sipped cocktails at The Ace Hotel’s lobby bar, ate dinner at Momofuku (scrum-didle-y-umptious), and hit up speak easy bars like Milk & Honey, and The Back Room.

Tacombi at Fonda Nolita

Alley leading up to The Back Room. Dress from LF.

Me looking like one of those giant bats

The Back Room

Lower East Side
Caught in the act – eating a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery in the West Village.

I almost forgot – I called this post Melting in Manhattan because it was SO HOT it was unbelievable.  The word heatwave isn’t strong enough to describe it.  But I honestly loved it.  Cannot wait to go back. I love NY! JD




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4 responses to “Melting in Manhattan

  1. Your trip looks fabulous. I’ve always wanted to stay at an Ace Hotel, it looks so cool.

    We went to New York City around this time last year and it was insanely hot then as well. Since I’ve only been there once, when I think of NY I automatically think of being hot and melty.

  2. Jenn Sem

    Love the Ace Hotel! All I could think of was you last time I was there… did I tell you I got asked to leave their boutique lobby store for talking to loud on my cell phone? Yep- I was that person :)

  3. No coptlainms on this end, simply a good piece.

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