Play Me, I’m Yours

Yesterday I decided to eat my lunch in the Village of Yorkville park, and I saw a colourful piano that said “Play Me, I’m Yours.”  Within minutes someone sat down and played a few great tunes, another person followed up with more music, and another! It wasn’t planned, it was literally just a piano sitting there for randoms to play.  I thought ‘what an amazing idea, the city should have more of these.’  Turns out we do.  I did a little Google search and there are 41 pianos spread across the city as part of an art installation to celebrate the three-year count down to 2015 Pan American Games.  You can read the full article here that was published in the Star.  After I ate my burger and quinoa salad (leftovers from the weekend), I got the courage to play a tune of my own.  Fact: I used to play the organ and was quite good back in the day, but I can’t read music anymore. SAD.  I still remember some stuff by ear, but taking lessons again is on my bucket list.

There’s a video too – just trying to figure out my iMovie. Also on my bucket list!



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2 responses to “Play Me, I’m Yours

  1. Lin

    I saw one at OCAD today and i thought, what’s that about? Glad you wrote about this – I’ll look for the Yorkville one as it’s clser to my house. :)

  2. Bon-Ton

    I heart Toronto!

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