What to Pack: Traveling Shoes

In the past two days, two people asked me for advice on what to pack for a city vacation.  Having been in the midst of making my own packing lists for upcoming trips, I was excited to jump on the suggestion train.  I’ll start with footwear for this post.  I’m a firm believer that you have to be comfortable – especially when traveling, but you also want to look stylish.  Every time I go on a trip my Dad asks his famous question “did you pack your running shoes?”  I always respond with “no Dad, I have to look good.”  I can’t be seen wearing my Nike Airs with a skirt.  Can you imagine? The very thought makes me shudder.  So what shoes should you pack for a vacation?

I suggest packing canvas lace-up shoes in white or black, a pair of Bob’s in red or navy for a colour option, leather sandals with a tiny wedge for dressing up a bit, and a pair of fun flip-flops, in case you take a day trip to the city beach.  You can pack your runners if you plan to go running but for the city, opt for any of these comfortable options…

Lacoste sandal jelly thong – better than the standard shape of a flip flop, comfortable, and available in fun colours

Bob’s soft canvas slip on flats by Skechers $38 – feels like slippers, and Tom’s but half the price

White canvas shoes with laces removed.  These can be found anywhere from Ardene to H&M, Joe Fresh, and Payless. You shouldn’t pay more than $20

ShoeMint leather sandals with a tiny wedge – perfect for walking around and for a night out on the town



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5 responses to “What to Pack: Traveling Shoes

  1. Danielle

    great and affordable suggestions!

  2. Great suggestions, but Toms, while very expensive does donate a pair of shoes when you buy a pair…just saying. Although I read this today http://goodintents.org/in-kind-donations/toms-shoes
    so who knows.

  3. Joanna

    Perfect! Now to find these before my trip!
    Thanks for all of the fabulous vacation advice!

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