Life is Beautiful

Extreme humidity is something I love.  The hotter the better.  But it also means I’ve given up on my hair.  There’s absolutely no way I can have my spaghetti hair draped along my neck. I. will. die. I keep wearing it in a high top bun – so high that it looks like a little hat on top of my head….like one of those fascinators.
Yesterday I found myself in a full H&M look – I didn’t mean to, it just happened.  Skirt, t-shirt, belt, and jacket are all from H&M.  Funny how that happens.  Booties are oldies from Capezio, and my purse is from Cole Haan. PS – I loved this wall I stumbled upon.  Life should always be pretty. JD



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2 responses to “Life is Beautiful

  1. We think your updo looks amazing! We are going to pass this article along to all our clients, spaghetti-haired et al!

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