The Roxton

It’s evident by now I simply love hidden gems.  While The Roxton is not exactly hidden, it’s definitely a gem.  Located on Harboard St. near Ossingotn, it’s a perfect size spot with a street-side patio and a cozy, eclectic inside.  I think the building used to be part house, part wine making place.  I’m not exactly sure, but there’s an old sign that suggests it.  There isn’t a sign that says The Roxton, or if there is one – it’s very small and discreet, hence – the hidden part.  I went for drinks recently and enjoyed the patio first and when it became a bit chilly, we sat inside.  The service was spectacular for such a small little place.  The servers were friendly and on it.  In addition to good music, a great atmosphere, and a delicious menu, they have a games list which was unexpected and fun.  We played Connect Four while sipping our cocktails…a funny mix of childhood and mature-hood.  Even though I’ve only been here once, I keep suggesting it to people and will definitely be back.  It’s a great date place and good for a group of friends too.  Best of both worlds.  Check it out at 379 Harbord St.  JD



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2 responses to “The Roxton

  1. I love this place! Used to live around the corner from it, but moved to the Beaches…have to make an effort to get out there again!

  2. Shawn Rusich

    Such a great place! Excellent choice.

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