Shoes of Summer – ShoeMint

Do you love shoes?  Of course you do!  Do you covet Rachel Bilson’s style? yep, I do too.  If you haven’t heard of ShoeMint, you’ll want to know.  It’s a unique online shoe shopping experience that’s a collaboration with the ever so fashionable Rachel Bilson, celeb stylist Nicole Chavez, and shoe legend Steve Madden.

To become a member, go to and take the style quiz so they can get to know your unique style. From there, each month a new collection is released and members receive new styles in their online showrooms. You choose the style you love for $79.98 (free shipping) and if you don’t find a pair you like, skip the month.

I was stoked to receive these awesome sandals and I’ve been wearing them almost every weekend.  I love that they have a tiny wedge rise because full flats are painful on my tootsers.  I think it’s because I have a crazy high arch.  I’m so excited to see next month’s collection from ShoeMint.  There’s nothing more satisfying than a new pair of shoes.



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4 responses to “Shoes of Summer – ShoeMint

  1. Danielle

    I heard about this when Rachel Bilson was on the Marilyn Denis show and have been meaning to check it out! Very cute sandals.

  2. Kat

    Very cute shoes!! I love your choice.
    Were there extra shipping costs or duty costs for shipping to Canada?

    $wag n Style

  3. Jasmine

    I have those exact same shoes! But… I bought them from for $15!!!!

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