Segment on CHCH Morning Live

Last month I did my first TV appearance talking about finding your personal style on CHCH Morning Live.  It was exciting and nerving all at the same time.  I had a lot of fun prepping for it and was happy I didn’t mess up my words!  The video was streamed on their website but the link was down until now – hence the month delay. Take a peak here



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3 responses to “Segment on CHCH Morning Live

  1. The link worked for me.
    Let me just say, I’m a guy, and yours is the only fashion blog I’ve followed and stuck with (and put in my blogroll). Why would a guy follow a fashion blog? Same reason a woman would – fashion ideas for all occasions. I have a mother, wife, daughter, and other female relatives and friends that I might buy clothing for or at least discuss clothing with. Your blog is the only one that is consistently good, stylish and sensible. You don’t go out in a tiara and glitter or something – you wear clothes that you could go shopping in, or go to a club in, with just a couple of minor adjustments.

    I also want to say that you looked and sounded great on TV – just like an expert. Well done, and congratulations! (That lady messed up the name of your blog at the end, but people will find you.)

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