The Burger’s Priest + The Beaches

I live in the West end so it’s rare that I venture out to the far land of The Beaches, but I decided to bike over to The Burger’s Priest.  Finally.  I’ve seen one too many Facebook statuses about this amazing burger.  A big line-up greeted me out the door of a tiny burger joint, and inside a crew of boys cooked up burger after burger.  I liked the blaring rock music, and the priest details like crosses and a confessional booth partition between customer and meat.  Perhaps we’re supposed to feel guilty for such an indulgence?  I think not.  The burger did not disappoint but I have to admit I thought it was going to be bigger!  I was pretty hungry after the long bike ride and the burger was actually quite tiny.  But I confess: I ordered the basic cheese burger.  You have to order the priest or double burger for a big ordeal.
There aren’t tables inside The Burger’s Priest so I took my little burg and fries down to the Beach.  I normally really like ‘the beaches’ but this particular day was insanely busy.  It was filled with non-locals, and endless carts selling cotton candy and peanuts.  It felt more like the CNE and that ain’t cool.  I’ll only go back when it’s dead.  Looking back on my pictures, I’m craving hard.  Why are burgers so good?! JD

I liked these kites.

Speaking of double burgers, this is one of my favourite scenes from Good Will Hunting. ‘Chuck I had a double burger. I know what you ordered, I was there!’


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  1. Bon-Ton

    Burgers and a Beach… two of my favourite things!

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