TO Contributor: Lindsay 2

It’s contributor Friday! Check out Lindsay’s 2nd post…

As I am new to Seven Dollar Pants I thought I would catch you up on all things Lindsay in a few quick points in no particular order.

I love a good deal.
I’m kinda obsessed with interior design and lipstick.
My dream is to own a Great Dane who will believe he is a lap dog and hang out with me on my turquoise couch.
I love a good bun, it always does the trick when I’m having a lazy hair day (the sock bun continually saves my life).
DIY arm swag is my vice.
I’m grumpy in the morning if I don’t get my Capital Espresso.
I wear boots all the time, no matter what season – they are my go to.
My real name is Jennifer, people like to call me Jenny from the block.
Outfit details: Joe Fresh shirt, Gap sweater, Top Shop jeans and boots, arm swag – combination of DIY, Top Shop and The Bay. Favorite new lipstick – Nicki Minaj by MAC.
Vintage Couch
Top Shop
Gap sweater + Joe Fresh blouse
DIY + Top Shop + The Bay

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  1. Can’t get enough of your charm!
    Check out,


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