Pink Lady

Speaking of leopard print tights (in my previous post), here I am wearing them again with a charcoal coloured angle cut skirt from Zara and bright pink blazer from Zara as well.  Boots are from Top Shop, and I finished the look off with a vintage belt and necklace.
My sunglasses are a new and exciting addition to my eyewear collection.  I have never owned proper sunglasses because I could never decide what to get, and I’ve always been too afraid of breaking or losing them.  This pair is from an AMAZING eyewear store called Opticianado located in the Junction.  They specialize in iconic unused vintage eyewear (mine), as well as contemporary independent designers. They have such a unique selection that definitely stands out from all the others.  Check it out at 2919 Dundas St. W.  JD

Photography by Tania Alvarez



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2 responses to “Pink Lady

  1. Danielle

    I have always passed by the eye glass store in the Junction and wondered what it was! Looks very cool inside.

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