The Corsage Project

Where did the week go?  Insane how time flies.  Last weekend I volunteered at an awesome charity event called The Corsage Project.  It was created 12 years ago to help young women in financial need attend their prom by providing them with a new dress, shoes, accessories, and a mini makeover – all free of charge.
My role for the day was personal shopper, which naturally I loved.  I helped girls navigate through the sea of dresses and helped them piece their entire prom look together.  It was a fun experience all 285 girls left with smiling faces.  It brought back good memories of my prom and I considered sharing photos, BUT I’ll save that for another time.  For now I’ll show you shots of the event.  JD

The event took place at the Toronto Reference Library
All of the donated dresses were brand new with tags still on

Great selection of new shoes

Shiny and shimmery

This was my favourite dress from FCUK. If I was going to prom, I would’ve picked this!



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2 responses to “The Corsage Project

  1. Ahmahkyah

    Great project and I used to work with girls who cried when they saw how beautiful the dresses are. I love your blog by the way! Recently found you and now I am glued!

  2. KM

    I have this dress but in blush, its gorgeous! This is such a great idea and so nice to see people opening their closets for such a good cause, every girl should have a fun prom experience!

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