PIOLA Toronto

When I first saw PIOLA restaurant I was actually in Mexico.  The sign looked familiar and sure enough, Toronto had just opened one up too on Queen West.  Piola is a casual pizzeria with locations around the globe serving thin crust pizza over a rotating stone oven, as well as pasta, and delicious desserts.  It’s a welcoming neighbourhood spot that hosts local events like the Monday night mixer, and it’s family friendly too.
I tried the burrata pizza because that’s my favourite type of cheese, and my friend had the salami and arugula pizza.  They were both delicious.  For dessert we tried the pana cotta and tiramisu. Craving……

The next night I was inspired to make my own pizza…..

I lied, my man friend made the pizza. He also art directed this photo. Thnx DT!


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2 responses to “PIOLA Toronto

  1. I’m going there tonight! Your homemade pizza looks really good too.

  2. AD

    Your homemade pizza looks really good. Maybe you can make it next time you’re in PC!

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