UK Contributor: Nikki 1

Check out my British contributor – Nikki’s first post…..

When people ask me what I miss most about home, I inevitably say Taco Bell (miss you 7 layer burrito).  But what I really miss are the Value Villages North of the 401.  The gems that haven’t been ransacked by the youths of tomorrow.  I found these pants at the Steeles Avenue West VV, for $7. A steal on Steeles!  My top is from Ports 1961 (from Goodwill).
In London, there aren’t large second-hand Value Village type establishments, but rather boutique type ‘charity shops’.  I’ve found that many natives frown upon shopping at charity shops, but ask me if I care! Nope!
My brand-new never-worn Zara shoes, were £5.00 at the FARA charity shop (money from purchases made go to Romanian orphanages) in my neighbourhood in SW London.  My necklace was a gift, and sunglasses are from Accessorize (UK equivalent to Claire’s).  Enjoy! NA

Photography by Anna Rake



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4 responses to “UK Contributor: Nikki 1

  1. Fabulous! I especially like the top and necklace combo.

  2. sylvia

    The photos look like they were taken in Belgravia? Best charity shops I found were the Oxfams in the posher neighbourhoods. Westborne grove’s is quite good.

  3. they were taken in belgravia – good eye!

  4. dorism54

    Gorgeous! I’m an avid Value Village shopper whenever I go to Halifax here in Nova Scotia. Those shoes are killer though!

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