Sunday Night Supper Club

I’m proud of tonight’s dinner, so I thought I’d share. I made gnocchi from scratch!  My friend JR would be proud, she taught me how to do it.  We had burrata cheese to start, which is a rare find, but I found it at Grain Curd & Bean on Dundas West. Great little store if you’re looking for specialty cheeses, meats, bread, and other delectable finds.  Dinner also included green beans, salad, vino, espresso, and chocolate for dessert.  It was a nice way to end the weekend.  Hope you had a good weekend too! JD



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4 responses to “Sunday Night Supper Club

  1. Krista Schug-Ringland

    Can we get the recipe? Looks yummy.

    • Of course! It’s actually really easy. Here you go….
      (serves 3-4 people)

      2 cups flour
      1 cup (or a little more) plain instant potatoes
      1 egg
      1/4 cup of oil
      1 cup water

      Mix all ingredients together until dough is consistent in texture and quality. Shape dough into a ‘loaf of bread’ and cut ‘loaf’ into evenly sized pieces. Set dough to the side. Lightly flour working surface, take one piece of dough and beneath both hands, roll into a long pencil shape. Cut long roll into 1 inch pieces, little squares. Take each 1 inch piece and press gently against the top of a fork and roll it down the fork to create ridges. Repeat with the remaining dough. If freezing, place gnocchi on cookie sheets covered with wax paper. Place in freezer for several hours until gnocchi are firm and then transfer to plastic bag and seal tightly. If serving immediately, boil in salted water for about 8 minutes, or until all gnocchi float to the surface of the water. Drain and serve with tomato sauce.

  2. Jenn Sem

    Looks good!!

  3. AD

    You can invite me over for supper anytime.
    Looks really, really good! Congrats!

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