Comfortably Dressed Up

Whenever I’m asked how to define my style, I say “comfortably dressed up.”  This outfit is a perfect example of that.  It’s dressy because I’m wearing a dress and mink collar, but comfortable with wool tights and flat boots.
I bought this dress at H&M and it’s another versatile piece that can be worn year round with the right accessories.

The rest of my outfit…
Green anorak jacket – M for Mendocino
Beret – Joe Fresh
Mink collar – 69 Vintage
Purse – Vintage Coach
Tights – Winners
Boots – Cole Haan

Photography by Silvia Drugea



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2 responses to “Comfortably Dressed Up

  1. ad

    Yes, definitely, the boots look really comfortable!
    Also, the rest of the outfit looks really nice & comfortable.
    Good job!

  2. CM

    i love this.
    great boots ;)

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