Polka Dot Explosion

This look was inspired by a picture I saw of Alexa Chung.  She didn’t have all the polka dots going on, but it was the same idea – camel colour cardigan, jean shorts and tights.  I love finding a picture of an outfit I dig and realizing I have all similar pieces in my closet.  If you want a different feel to your weekend wear, switch to jean shorts and tights instead of wearing jeans all the time.  Actually, I used to hate this look but it grew on me.  It’s fun to try different things with your wardrobe, so why not?

Outfit details:
Cut-off jean shorts – Levi’s
Maroon belt – Joe Fresh
Polka dot top – Winners
Cardigan – Forever 21
Lace-up booties – Cole Haan
Fur collar – taken from my parka
Tights – H&M
Hat – Goorin Bros.
Purse – Vintage

Photos by Tania Alvarez



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4 responses to “Polka Dot Explosion

  1. Loving the polka dot mix & match!!!

  2. Totally works. Even the shoes. And you look a little like Sandra Bullock in this, only much younger and prettier! lol

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