Eskimo Chic

Should CM purchase this coat? It’s from Zara. Thoughts? Advice? Thanks!



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11 responses to “Eskimo Chic

  1. AD

    The short sleeves will NOT keep you warm in the winter.

  2. I agree, I came to that sad conclusion when I really wanted to buy this awesome came from American Apparel, but I love the hood!

  3. “Warm”? It’s how she looks, not how comfortable she is. And it looks great, so clearly she should get the coat. She can wear warm mittens.

  4. Erin

    Agreed! Hello, fashion before function. I’m guessing the purchase is not intended for CM’s ‘go-to’ winter coat anyway. I have great long gloves (they go up to my elbows) that would cover the extra space.

  5. Samantha Lui

    How about considering fashion and function together?!

  6. lily

    It’s sooooo cute and reminds me of the Ookyook song ( Do it, if for any reason… for posterity sake!

  7. Madison

    CM, you have a million pair of cute gloves, Also made you older twin buy this. xx

  8. Shirley

    Love it, but before I would buy it, I would need to know what it’s made of, and the PRICE. How much is it?

  9. Erin

    Do it. You look like Swedish Little Grey Riding Hood.

  10. Shannon

    I saw this a few weeks ago and loved it! Yes, make the purchase!!

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